Part Three: The Family Name

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Today We Wrap Up Our 3-Part Series All About the Family Name!  

In this podcast, each kid shares about their decision to be fully a part of the Manning family.  

All these moments helped build our culture and established the importance of the family name.

Come take a seat for the last part of our family table discussion.  

Can you Remember When you Decide to Love Jesus? Submit to us (parents)? Love Each Other?  

Macy (3rd girl) jumped in and shared about her process. God showed her how a relationship with Jesus directly affects the relationship with her family. The more she understood God’s love for her, the more she could love her family.  

Mollie shared how she struggled with her decision. She is the oldest, and was 15 when Maddox joined the family. She knew another baby meant more responsibility for her. 

Everything changed when Maddox came along. 

Her mindset switched from the world revolving around her to discipling and shaping the siblings God gave her!  

“Now I look at my siblings and see the better they get to walk in! It’s not as much about equality anymore. I want them to stand on my shoulders and go further than I ever did! – Mollie 

Michael agreed with Mollie and shared how it also takes time to become best friends with siblings AND with parents.  

His moment involved late night basketball and a conversation with God. He told God, “If you send my dad outside right now, I will open up about my life and work on my relationship with him.”  

5 minutes later, Don came walking out and God used this moment to strengthen their relationship.  

Bottom line: It took time for Michael to realize he needed his family and how valuable each person is!  

McKenzie (The youngest of the girls and oldest of the boys – AKA the middle child) shared how history with siblings in beyond valuable. She loves doing life alongside family. She always asks deep questions. She loves finding common ground with each person in her family and experiencing it together.  

She said, “I always knew we (family) needed to be together because if we weren’t, what was the point in God giving us each other?”  

Parentsfind a common thing and help your kids see the value of doing it together. It will build their relationships.  

Maddox and Cade shared how being the youngest 2 created friendship in a unique way. They spent countless hours together in the back of the car driving from place to place. Their friendship grew into a Godly relationship

McCade shared how he opens up to Maddox about personal things. Just like a best friend.  

Maddox said, “Family brings character and identity. Growing up I didn’t really care about who I was, but more recently I started to care. My family has been there to help me process and grow.”  

Parents, Be Encouraged!

Yes, you need to build history, BUT it’s compounded.  

Compounded? Huh? How? 

Mollie shared how all her hours spent babysitting her siblings paid off! Now Maddox watches her baby (Bash!).  Mollie never worries about Bash because she trusts Maddox and knows he carries the family culture into every situation.  

Let’s Finish by Talking About Intentional Conversations.  

The family name stemmed from having intentional conversations, with our kids, at a young age. We see the fruit of this as our family continually matures.  

How Did You Communicate Intentionally with Siblings?  

Maddox shared how McKenzie would come sit on his bed while he watched YouTube. She would spark conversation about spiritual things because she knew he was interested, but uncertain. This intentional relationship led to him opening up one night in the kitchen about doubting his faith in God 

“They reminded me to “struggle” with the Lord and it helped me see my faith in God as more than my feelings. – Maddox 

“Family isn’t going anywhere, so I can be vulnerable and trust them.” – Michael 

Intentional Conversations Shapes Families 

Parents, think about this statement in context with your growing family. We get to create a place of safety for our kids as they wrestle and grow with God.  

Suzanne shared a great example about Madeline asking Truett each night at dinner, “Truett, what was your favorite part of the day?” Truett is 2 years old and she is already building a foundation for intentionality in their home.   

Start now parents!

Open up your home by creating simple intentionality through conversations.  

Madeline (2nd kid, loves basketball, has 2 babies) brings life and joy everywhere she goes! She is the life of the party! She encouraged us all to take the time to know our kids and help them know each other.  

She shared about her childhood and feeling not fully loved/known, but after coming home after college we (her family) valued her a lot more. She said it was because she understood herself more and we did too!  

“When we grow up together, we learn about different types of people. Ultimately, it helps us love every kind of person and learn how to love them through their seasons of growth. Family helps you learn how to love every one God puts in your life!” – Madeline  

Let’s Wrap This Thing Up! 

What you do with your days, months, seasons, years, activities, vacations, extra-curricular, bedtimes, dinner times, and car rides builds your family name and culture.  

We know this season seems never-ending. But in the blink of an eye you will have family full of individual, interesting, contributing members of society.  

Do you Want This Type of Family? Do you Believe it is Possible?  

Then we invite you to make the best of today’s moments! Enjoy your kids and help them enjoy each other.  

You are a family. God designed us to grow up in a family so we can show the world what being a part of God’s family looks like!

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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