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How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

What if you had someone in parenting who could show you how to find God’s vision for your family and how to make it happen?

That’s what we do.

In effect we “teach you how to fish.” We don’t just give you answers. We show you how to find the answers on your own…for life.

Today we’re talking all about how Crazy Cool Family helps parents just like you!

We found in parenting that the concepts are simple but applying them in your life and family takes time. Think about it like this: Shooting a jump shot in basketball is a simple concept but learning how to do like an NBA star takes a ton of practice.

It’s the same with parenting.

All our Crazy Cool Family concepts come down to two words: Relationships and Culture.

Putting these concepts into your home takes time and practice.

That’s why we have designed our Crazy Cool Family products…to work with you over time to teach you how to fish.

We don’t learn to parent with one book or one seminar. Parenting is learned over years as we first learn about ourselves and then learn to relate to and train our children.

We’ve been teaching parenting classes for years. Then God called us to write our book, Crazy Cool Family. It was so powerful for us because it forced us to articulate the vision for family God had given us.

We love it when people start with our book and read all the way through. It gives them the big picture and lets them see where they are going.

Next, we decided to do a podcast. Why? So, we could reach more parents and expand on what we taught in our book.

Then, we created Basecamp.

What is Basecamp? It’s a membership site where parents can go deeper and continue on their journey to raising children who love Jesus, love them, and love each other.

Basecamp is the best way for us to guide you over time to help you be a Crazy Cool Family.

It takes a while to digest all that’s taught about family. Within Basecamp, our members watch short videos or read the teaching from each video and get the content dripped out in easily digestible forms where they can take it and learn it at a good pace. Basecamp is your guide on your parenting journey.

Remember, it takes months and years to learn parenting, not days and week.

Parenting starts with you. It’s not about changing your kids’ behavior; it’s about first changing who you are!

When YOUR belief systems change, your family will start to change!

The relationships in your family are the most important things. Choose to invest in your family. It’s worth it!

Let’s raise children who love Jesus, love you, and love each other.

Go be crazy!

Basecamp is open for registration for a limited time only! Click here to join!


How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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