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How Do You Create Spiritual Interest in Your Kids?

Great question! In this week’s podcast, we talk about one of our favorite topics. We open up an honest conversation about creating spiritual interest in your family! Other ways you can say this include, “Selling God to your kids” or “Showing them the best life ever!”  

The way to have the best life ever is to have interest and hunger for spiritual things!

3 John 1:4 says, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”  

As parents, we know the greatest joy is to see our kids grow up and choose to love Jesus! It’s the deepest desire of our hearts! God made us this way!  

Today’s conversation is centered on the kids in their teenage years. We encourage you parents, if your kids are 68or 10 you can breathe, trust God, but keep reading. This is powerful information that will help you in seasons to come!

“Parents of littles, relax and enjoy the younger kids in their relationship with God. It’s so easy for them to live in awe and wonder! Often times they don’t even know what a relationship with God (or anyone) looks like! They just follow you! How I pointed our little kids to God is by pointing out creation. The flowers, the storms, and any opportunity we could to show them how God surrounds us.” – Suz 

Bottom Line: Show them how to walk in faith by pointing out God all along the way!  

How to Show Younger Kids Jesus:  

  • Looking at creation and pointing out God 
  • Telling/reading stories of the Bible 
  • Talking about God in your life 
  • Getting them familiar with the Bible  
  • Excitement for church and commitment to going 

What About Older Kids?  

Once they get into their middle school years, they will take hold of their own relationships with God. We have seen all seven of our kids go through this transition. No matter where you are at on your parenting journey, the practical strategies discussed in our podcast will help you cultivate spiritual conversations with your teenagers and young adults.

For most teenagers, a natural questioning starts to happen around 12 or 13. Remember it is good! It’s okay for your child to not believe exactly what you believe. Every relationship is different! They need to have their own relationship with Jesus.  

When they start to question your faith and ultimately their own, it is okay. If they don’t question faith, we would be more concerned than if they do. It may sound harsh, but if your child is too afraid to talk about spiritual things with you they might have a fear of offending you, or being wrong.  

We need to start by understanding where our teenagers are in their walk with God. We are invited to meet them on their journey to help them know who God is. We can’t expect them to know God the way we do.  

“We can meet them where they are and ask questions!” – Suz 

Encouragement: Keep asking questions and allow multiple conversations with your kid. Don’t jump into lecture mode. Draw them out with intentionality and open-ended questions. 

Why Kids Are Not Interested?

  • They think God is boring (aka no fun) 
  • They think God is harsh, mean, controlling, or limiting 
  • Burned out on church
  • They think the world is better 
  • They are surrounded by hypocrites 

Have you ever thought about the amount of experience your child has had personally with God? Would you say this experience is positive, or negative? Has your child ever personally experienced the presence and power of God? 

We encourage you to reflect on these questions and become more aware of how your child perceives God. 

Ultimatelywe are trying to understand why our teen is not interested. Practice being aware of the places you are spending time as a family and how it affects your child’s perspective of God. 

We have an amazing God AND a very appealing world. How do we clearly represent God and get our kids interested?  

How to Cultivate Interest 

  • Show them with your actions how God is worth following 
  • Tell them your journey with God (testimony) 
  • Share your personal spiritual experiences 
  • Have God conversations about sermons, podcasts, or books 
  • Pray with them
  • Take them to personal spirit-filled experiences 

We asked Maddox (our 16-year-old son) what parents should say to teenagers and he said, “Tell the parents to have conversations about God. Talk about sermons, podcasts, and books. As teenagers, we don’t really know what is going on but we want to talk about it. We want a safe place to share our thoughts.”  

Here are a few practical ways we encourage you to stir up spiritual conversations.

  • Worship nights at church 
  • Worship concerts 
  • Prayer nights 
  • Prophetic words 
  • Introduce books on signs, wonders, miracles 
  • Study God experiences in the bible (Moses, Abraham, Peter, Paul) 
  • Have them pray for others 
  • Service opportunities 
  • Join a missions organization
  • Go on mission trips 

Want a Spiritual Challenge?

Pick 1 thing on the list above and be intentional about doing it with your kid. Tell them, “We can go get pizza or ice cream afterwards!” Whatever it takes to help them pursue God for themselves.

Parents, we are the ones who get to talk to our kids about these things! We get to be the safe place and direct conversations towards God.  

Let’s Wrap Up With This!

You will start to feel the break in their spirit. So remember, strategy is important. No matter where your teenager is, don’t go in with your lectures, go in with questions (curious, not accusatory). Have a genuine heart to know your kids and allow those examples, conversations, and events to stir up interest.

You are looking to build relationship. As you help them build their relationship with God, you are building your relationship with them!  

To get our kids to be interested in spiritual things we have to get their eyes off themselves and this world (what’s right in front of them). We need to help them lift their eyes to God.

Psalm 123: 1 says, “To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in heavens.”

Help them lift their eyes to the things beyond them. Things that are better, more exciting, more purposeful, long lasting. These are the things our soul hungers for! 

We believe no matter where you’ve messed this area up, God is still madly in love with your family. He can make things right. We encourage you to listen, absorb, and apply the information from this podcast.

We also highly encourage you to share this podcast with a friend, co-worker, or someone you know who has a teenager who is not following God. Keep this conversation going by sharing it with a parent in need. 

We love you parents! Go be crazy and create spiritual conversations in your family! 

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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