A Tribute to Moms!

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Moms, This One is All About You.

Mother’s Day is coming up and we are taking time this week to celebrate every mom out there! Honoring and celebrating a mom is one of the greatest privileges on earth. 

So, here’s the question, are you looking forward to Mother’s Day? Are you (Moms) expecting flowers? All the dishes to be done? An uninterrupted nap as your afternoon present? 

Suzanne takes over the podcast this week and shares about her love hate relationship with Mothers’ Day.  

She shares how expectations can cover the day and even when the kids put in amazing efforts to make her feel loved, she struggles to see it! Burnt breakfast in bed, hand-picked flowers, and gifts created in school were all gifts she received each year!  

What she really loved on Mother’s Day was a nap. Any moms of littles saying, “AMEN!”? The whole family would jump through hoops to make this happen. You see, the expectation was for the family to serve her on this one day. She serves us 364 days of the year, can’t we serve her for one!?  

She had an expectation regarding the kids. She thought if they acted perfect, her role as mother would be honored and glorified. She thought this day would fill her up and provide affirmation for the rest of the year!  

If you are like Suz and have fallen to these expectations, Mother’s Day may have not been the most peaceful.  

Is This Your Perspective? Let’s Flip it!  

Perspective is powerful. Suzanne shares how life’s circumstances flipped her view of Mother’s Day.  

“Two events happened back to back and caused me to reevaluate Mother’s Day. The year my mom died (In January) and my oldest daughter also went away to college shook me. These two events caused me to see Mother’s Day completely differently.”

“You see, the role of a mom eventually comes to an end. Kids become self-sufficient and move out! Once I realized this coupled with my mom’s death I stopped thinking about the little details. I stopped focusing on myself and all the moms I was tirelessly trying to honor.”

“The first mothers’ day after my mom’s death was so special because it wasn’t about what flowers, or gifts, or how much time I would spend with her that day because she wasn’t here. All I had was memories. It was there in those reflective thoughts I saw the power of moms!” 

Moms, you have crazy power! Power beyond your time here on earth. You have influence and it is completely impossible to be honored as a mother in just one day.  

It’s going to take years and years to honor a mom. It’s going to take a lifetime.   

Everything fell into place and this is what Suzanne realized…. 

  • It is completely impossible to honor or be honored as a mother on just one day
  • It takes years and years to honor a mom, as it should 
  • It takes a lifetime because that’s what a mom gives 

Bottom Line: Moms give their life to allow her kids to have the time of their lives. 

The reality is, the impact moms have on kids is everlasting! Moms are the molder and shaper of their very lives! Their thoughts, lives, feelings are all things moms get to pour hope into!

Once you catch this perspective you can laugh out loud at the thought of it being celebrated in one day! The role as mom is wayyy bigger than anything we can celebrate one day a year.  

So, What Do We Do? 

By all means be celebrated on this day! Enjoy the breakfast in bed, the flowers, gifts, and homemade cards. Embrace every extra hug, and hopefully you will even get a nap or time away from the responsibilities of being a mom.   

Pull the expectations off this day and start seeing every day of motherhood as valuable.

Remember, Mothers’ Day is Found in Everyday! 

It’s in the memories we make, the laughter, the sweaty hugs, dirty faced kisses, the clean up the house after everyone’s in bed, and seeing all the great things accomplished throughout the day.  

Mother’s Day is found in the fat little elbows of a toddler or the successful day of potty training. Motherhood is found in 100% on a spelling test or the text from the teenager saying, “Thanks mom.” 

That’s our thanks and gratitude. It’s in the little things.  

Bottom Line: See the little things happening each day and elevate them in our hearts so we are satisfied.  

Remember this giant, overwhelming, too much to do role of being mom deserves payment! These little things are the payments. The gifts we are given throughout this season of motherhood!  

There is no way it can be packed into just one day! There are not enough flowers in the world to recognize and thank you for the job of being mom!  

Flower Challenge!

So, every time you see a flower take it in and remember you are loved. You are doing an amazing job. It is worth the time, effort, and energy to invest in the little people. 

All flowers are for you! Allow every flower to be a tiny thank you for all you do as a mother.  

Remember Moms, You are Building Something Beyond Valuable!  

You are building the most valuable thing of all, a generation of Jesus loving, kingdom building contributing members to our society (and boy does our society need them)! 

Yes, enjoy the one day in May. Don’t let disappoint or expectations rob you of this day set aside for you! BUT on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and every day after Mothers’ Day look for the tiny little gestures, the hugs, smiles, laughs and deposit those into your heart remembering how every day is really Mothers’ Day.  

Wrap Up

In Luke 2, Jesus is born and all the people come to see Him. Verse 19 it says,But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” 

Just a few years later, Jesus is in the temple and forgets to follow his parents home. They do not know he is gone and panic. They go back to find him and at the end of the scary event, Mary does the same thing at his birth. Luke 2:51 says, But his mother treasured all these things in her heart.”  

Moms, this is what we are invited to do with our kids. We treasure things up in our hearts! We are reimbursed for all the sacrifices we make as moms with these moments.  

Examples of “Treasures”:

  • We ponder how Macy called herself, “Macy Blah blah” because she couldn’t say her middle name 
  • How Madeline would spell out “I love you” with hand motions  
  • How Mollie had to have the blanket smooth on the floor when she was little 
  • When Mollie held McCade for the first time and cried because she was 17 and knew she wouldn’t be living in the house to watch him grow up 
  • How Michael had a head full of curls and was all boy even though he had 4 big sisters
  • How Maddox worked so hard at his basketball skills 

Mother’s Day Challenge!  

So, our last challenge is to make yourself a mothers’ day gift.

  • Make a list of all the things you treasure in your heart
    • Add to it as more treasures are given
  • Put the list in your bible, journal, on the fridge, or a bathroom mirror
    • Treasure this list in your heart
  • If you are really brave, put your list on social media and tag CCF, so other moms can be encouraged by your treasures 
 Happy Mother’s Day! You are loved and cherished! Thank you for all that you do! 
How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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