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How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy Down in my Heart, Where?

We have very special guests today. Mike and Judy Brisky are here. We love Mike but we are focusing on Judy today. Her new book, The Joy of Being Mom deeply resonates with us.  

In her book, Judy talks about the “wiping” season. A season when mothers have littles running around and are constantly wiping, cleaning, and chasing after their little kiddos.  

Tell Us a Little bit About Judy!  

Judy is married to Mike and have been married for 31 years! They have 5 children, two with us and three in Heaven. Mike and Judy have two grand babies, one on the way, and one in Heaven!  

“God is always doing something in our seasons, but the season of being a grandparent has “more.” This season is simply full of the more.” – Judy 

Why Write The Joy of Being Mom 

Over the years, Judy and Mike taught on parenting and people constantly said, “You should write a book.” This book was from the Lord and in His perfect timing.  

Judy served in church as a volunteer and ministered to women. She loved it but was ready for a break. In the summer of 2019, she sought God and asked what to do next. In the fall, she felt called to write. Motherhood kept coming out in her writings.  

Mike came home one day and said, “I feel like God is telling you to write.” Once he was on board, she decided to go for it!  

Another friend reached out through Instagram and connected her to publishers at Gateway. It all happened AFTER she heard from God. She learned how deeply God knew her and held the timing of this book in His hands.  

What About the Name?  

When people see the title, it draws them in. Here’s the reality, Motherhood is not always full of joy. Judy shared how they struggled a lot and even lost kids during their parenthood. She said in all honestly, through every season, when she thinks of being a mom, she sees it as a joy.  

Joy is second in the list of fruits of the Spirit. It is a bi-product of love. It is what we can have despite our circumstances. Joy is who we are because we are His kids. It is a daily choice to walk in joy!  

Let’s Talk Format 

The book is loaded with encouragements and drawings. It is perfect for moms to read! As Judy wrote this book, she relied on God’s timing and His intentions for the book.  

She asked him, “What can we do that will make this book fun and different?” Instantly, the idea came to her, “Coloring pages!” Judy said to the Lord, “What a great idea!”  

We all agree drawing can be therapeutic. It helps the soul rest and be filled up. The coloring pages go along with the verse for each chapter. A great reminder of God’s truth.  

What Are “Joy-Pointers” For Moms?  

 Judy said the most important thing is a relationship with Jesus. The joy of knowing you are a daughter of the King will help you find joy in being a mom.  

“People can encourage you all day long but one word from God will rock your world forever and ever. So, get in the Word of God!” – Judy 

Another pointer is spending time with your kids. Yes, you may be around them or “doing” things for them all day. We encourage you to find little bits of time each week to be with your kids and encourage their hearts.  

  • Go on a date with your child 
  • Let one stay up late and watch a movie with you 
  • Ask them what they want to do (especially if they can talk!)  


Look in your kids’ eyes and tell them, “I love you.” Don’t stop there! Remind them why.  

A pointer for moms with littles, memorize Psalm 23 or any scripture you like. Meditate on it throughout the day. Find key verses and put them on cards around your house. Look at them when you don’t have any other time to get in the Word. Whatever works. Simply find ways to put truth around your house and let it encourage your heart.  

Last pointer, have fun! Maybe one night you don’t take baths! It is okay to create fun moments and break routine. Often, they are God given moments. If you can’t do them right then, write them down!  

The subtitle of the book is, “Embrace the Adventure.” We encourage you to change the perspective of your parenting season.  

When you hear the word “adventure” we think of adventure as going places, or seeing new things unfold. What if you saw each kid as an adventure and learned to embrace them? To see their value and go with them into the unknown!  

Use the end in mind to help you today. Remember what your goals are in parenting and use them to live each day with joy!  

Where Do I Buy This Amazing Book?  

  • Good Reads 
  • Barnes and Nobles 
  • Amazon 
  • All Gateway bookstores  

Wrap Up 

Mike shared Psalm 133 and how unity is a blessing. Their marriage is unified and they have seen God’s blessing. He bragged on Judy for always seeking God in everything she does. It overflowed into their family.  

Their kids lived with hearts of joy. This joy came from having Judy as their mom and how she created a culture of joy in their home. She carries joy everywhere she goes!  

We love the attitude of seeing each kid as an adventure. It is a mind shift. It’s a flip in our thinking! As moms and dads, we are called to live a life of joy!

So, parents, as you are in the “wiping” season remember you can have joy! We highly encourage you to go buy this book! Learn from Judy how to go on a joyful adventure with your kids!  

Last Thing

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Come and let us be one of the families that goes in front of you on this parenting journey! You are not alone!  
How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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