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How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Parents, you are in for a treat this week because the Manning kids are taking over the podcast and sharing their thoughts about dads!  

Dads, are you ever curious what your kids think about you? Why don’t you ask them!? This week, Macy is joined by Jared (her husband) and the three Manning men (Michael, Maddox, and McCade) to talk about what they think about parents, specifically about dads!  

We hope all parents are encouraged by this podcast. Each person gives some honest insight into their view of dads! Ready?

What Are Good Qualities in a Dad?

Michael shared how Don was always willing to get involved in what he loved. Sports, games on his phone, or video games were all ways Don tried to understand his kids.  

Maddox shared how Don did a good job of not being a strict authority, but going for connection. First with God, then with Suz, and finally with his kids. Maddox respected his dad because of how he went after connection and hearts.  

McCade shared how Don is a great example. Cade looks up to his dad’s relationship with the Lord. Don leads by example and inspires each kid to love God for themself.  

Jared shared how his dad put others before himself. Strangers at grocery stores, waiters at restaurants, or anyone he came across. He lives joyfully and helps people have a good day wherever he goes. He also shared how his dad worked at a power plant and did shift work. Jared believes he did this to provide a good life for his family.  

There are so many different types of dads. They influence us even if they are not closely involved. Parents, kids are looking at you! They watch you lead the family and how you choose to act.  

What Are Things Dads Do to Create Relational Disconnect?

Michael shared how intensity and anger towards competition and sports is not great. A young kid is developing skills, so the unrealistic expectation creates tension, especially in sports.  

The reality is kids cannot play a sport with this kind of pressure and it damages the relationship between fathers and kids.  

“The performance of my kid is not who he is!” – Michael  

Macy shared how emotional kids are already coaching themselves, so parents need to be the encourager! Encourage more then you coach!

Maddox shared how powerful connection is and how it is easy to create a disconnect. The truth is parents influence their kids in small and big ways. Whatever the dad is interested in, the kid will try to also try to like. Dads, pay attention to what you spend your time doing because your kids may become interested in it too! 

Bottom Line: A close relationship with their father is deeply desired by all kids.  

Jared shared how a lack of openness can bring disconnect. When dads don’t process with their kids, or default the conversation to the mom of the family, it can cause damage. Dads are invited to speak identity into their kids! Especially on hard days!  

Cade shared how if dads box their kids into a specific activity and don’t give them room for opportunity it can cause the kids to shut down and shut parents out!  

“You only get so many years with your kids under your roof, so make them count!”- Don and Suz

What Kind of Dad Do You Want to Be?

Maddox shared the number one thing he wants is connection. The daily interaction and understanding of his relationships are something he is looking forward to. Shooting a basketball and just spending time to influence someone is his dream.  

Jared shared how important it is to be an example for his kids. He wants to be a great spiritual example. He wants them to see him praying, reading his bible, worshiping, and showing them what it looks like to be a man of God. Of course, playing basketball and trying new foods are all great, but above all else he wants to be a man of God they can look up to.  

Michael shared how he prays often for his future family; his wife and kid’s health and patience. He wants to have patience with his little kids as they develop and grow. He notices his lack now and wants to walk with grace and truth when he one day becomes a parent. He wants to be balanced. Not a pushover but not so strict his kids avoid his reactions.  

McCade (is only 15) and hasn’t thought much about it, TBD! He knows being a dad is one of the hardest jobs in the world. He knows it is valuable and ultimately he wants to be reliable. He wants to be a safe place for his kids and hold them accountable to be their best!  

Closing Challenge!

Dream with your kids about what kind of parents they want to be! Spend some time thinking about it with them!

Dream with your kids and ask them: 

  • What are good qualities in me (or us)?
  • What are not so great qualities?
  • What qualities do they want to have!? 

No matter what place you are in, prayer is powerful. If you don’t feel like you are where you want to be, there is more. More grace and mercy for you. Remember, God is the best father and the perfect example of what a good father is. Wake up each morning and ask him, “Help me be the best father. Lead me, guide me, and show me how to be the best parent.”  

What you are doing in your family is eternal. It is one of the hardest and most valuable jobs in the world. We love you and are for you! Thank you for listening and go share this with all the dads you know!  
How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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