My Heart’s Garden (Feat. Charity Rios)

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We have a special treat this week! Charity Rios, author of My Heart’s Garden joins Suzanne to talk about how to help our kids process emotions. We met Charity Rios through three of our daughters! She has four little boys (cute as can be!) and our daughters watched her boys during their years at A&M.

We invited Charity onto this podcast because she wrote an amazing children’s book. We love and admire her for writing this book. It is called My Heart’s Garden and it has a workbook alongside it.

Charity shared how this book came from a place of healing. She lost her father to suicide and it propelled her into a healing journey. Through prayer ministry, she received healing and freedom. She had mountain top and valley moments during everyday life. She was taught an incredible tool through prayer ministry called “Tending Your Heart.”

How Do I Tend My Heart?

  • Identify lies of the enemy (heart saying, “I need help”)
  • Repent, get rid of the lie
  • Surrender the lies to God
  • Receive God’s truth (His Word)

Over the last 11 years, Charity practiced tending her heart and saw radical transformation in her life. After having her 3rd son, she decided to create a book for her sons to teach them this tool. A desire was put in her heart to write a picture book and give simple ways to apply this heart work tool. Over the next few months, she worked on the book and wrote down the words from the Lord.

My Heart’s Garden

The story is about a young boy named Zion. He is bullied at school, start to believe lies, and starts to act out. Zion goes to his granny who is tending her (physical) garden. She introduces him to the Father Gardner who teaches Zion how to tend his heart. Zion’s story is a picture of our hearts. How to take the weeds (lies) of life and replace them with seeds of truth.

She chose Zion based on her sons and to show how boys and girls can navigate their hearts. For some reason, it is less common for young boys to access the feelings in their heart. Charity wanted to show how girls AND boys can connect their hearts to God and process their feelings with Him.

Who is the Father Gardner?

After losing her dad, Charity deeply needed a father. She needed what only the perfect Father could give her. No matter what kind of father you have, we need our Heavenly Father. We all have access to our perfect father. Father Gardner is a reflection of who our loving and kind father is. He is not content with us sitting in bondage. He is powerful and deeply desires us to be free! He is protective and able to help us get rid of the lies and receive truth!

“I want kids to remember for the rest of their lives how to tend their hearts. My prayer is they would remember something from this truth and it would resonate in their heart.” – Charity

Parents, we encourage you to get the book because the best role/job on earth is to lead our kids to Jesus! There are no perfect parents. We can do our best but what our kids really need is to learn how to access their perfect God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

As our kids are launched into the world, we want them to know how to connect with God.  It can be hard to find resources to help them connect with Father God. That’s why you need this book AND journal!

The journal is easy and so satisfying! It is hand-written so the kids feel like they can do it!

How to Use the Journal:

  • Coloring
  • Memorize scripture
  • Answering questions
  • Questions are designed to help them navigate emotions and triggers
  • Read with the kids and go through together (2nd grade and up will be able to do it on their own)
    • Still do it with them! Read over answers with them
You see, the enemy sees when our kids are vulnerable and that’s when we, as parents, get to help point them to Jesus.

The journal is powerful because it asks questions about our identity and God’s identity! It is a powerful way to build our communication and trust with God. We all want our kids to be confident in their communication with God! Let’s show them how with this incredible book. 

If you are wanting to understand more about Tending Your Heart, go buy the book! The tool is profound and can help anyone process deep wounds. 

Parents, you are invited to process the things of this world through a Godly lens and help your kids do it too! If you haven’t learned it yet, My Heart’s Garden is an incredible place to start. We need this clarity today more than ever! Kids are confused and doing radical things because they do not know where to go for comfort.


Get the word of God in your home! Play it over the loud speakers, read a verse a day, do whatever it takes to be on the offensive with our kids! We can’t control what the world does but we can help our kids find their way to God, who is a good Father and who wants to help us through life’s trouble.

How Do I Get the Book?

Summer time is a great time to tie our hearts to the Lord and to family. This is a great tool to equip you to do this with your kids! Take time this summer to train your kids how to Tend Their Hearts!
How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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