A Journey to Joy (Feat. Sara Chapple)

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We have a mighty woman of God joining the CCF podcast this week. Sara Chapple wrote an amazing book called A Journey to Joy. We invited her to share about her book and all the reasons she chose to write it!

What is A Journey to Joy?

“A journey to discovering and rediscovering joy through Jesus. It is just as much for the reader as it was for me.” – Sara

It guides the reader through a journey of finding joy. A way to find their own journey to joy because we all have our own process with God! 

Wouldn’t you agree we are all on our journey to joy?

“I’m not the guide, I’m just a fellow traveler doing my best to follow the one who is our guide. I’d love for you to join me. It’s a journey with Jesus. A Journey to Joy.” – Sara 

We want to encourage you. Sometimes with small children it is hard to have joy. Parenting can feel like a joyless time. Joy is possible! Jesus is so gracious and will show us how.

How Did it All Begin?

This journey started when she was in her kitchen talking with God. She got married at 36 and loves her husband and 3 step kids.

One day, she was getting ready for a family vacation and imagining herself as lighter, free, and more joyful. She knew what it felt like and saw the vacation as the way to get her to that feeling. Can anybody relate?

God Gave Her 2 Revelations:

  1. She had played this game before. Imagining a future experience/version of herself 
  2. It had never happened the way she dreamed; She never became this joy-filled version of herself.

It was hard to take this truth in, but God whispered to her “You know what this feels like cause you used to be her. Life happened and you lost some things along the way. If you will let me, I will take you on a journey and we can get it all back.”

God started to show her places she needed healing. In His kindness, he showed her places she was stuck and preventing joy in her life.

What is Joy?

Sara is a word nerd and loves all things words! What she found in studying words was an amazing picture of joy.

In the Old Testament, David calls us to rejoice and express joy unto the Lord.

 “God’s word says, “In his presence there is fullness of joy.” So, thanksgiving and gratitude have a pivotal piece in the joy journey.” – Sara 

We get an even clearer picture at Jesus’ birth because He comes down from Heaven, and chooses to live with us. His presence brings joy to all of the earth. He brings so much joy that the angels declare it all over the sky! 

In the New Testament, we get 2 more words to add to our picture of joy.

  • Calm Delight 

When the Holy Spirit comes with the fruit of joy He brings, calm delight. This comes across like peaceful joy. It occurs even when we don’t express it in demonstrative ways. It is something we carry through every season of life, no matter what comes.

Bottom line: Joy is a characteristic of God and we have access to it.

Sara is a joy expert!! She is inviting you to join her on the journey! Wanna come?!

Do You Want to Get Well?

Sara shares about the story, in the Bible, of a crippled man at the well whom Jesus asks, “do you want to get well?” It’s such a silly question, but Jesus had purpose behind it. Answering the question involves counting the cost. When we ask ourselves the question, it causes us to decide if we are willing to give up everything to find healing.

So, in each section of the book, there are questions to reflect and provoke the reader to earnestly seek healing on the journey to joy.

Joy Cultivators:

Things to help you grow joy! These are very practical things we can all do to help us create joy in our lives

  • Worshiping God
  • Prayer
  • Scripture
  • Nature and being in God’s creation
  • No Phone!
  • Serving Others
Parents, as you get this book you will see clear action steps to help cultivate joy in your life!

Joy Killers

Cultivators and killers cannot coexist

  • Grumbling
  • Complaining
  • Comparison

“The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.” (John 10:10) and in the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Sara

Parents, when you have grumbling, complaining, or comparison in your home, you feel it! Make it a priority to put joy in your home by taking away these joy killers.

Tell Us About the Journal!

The journal takes everything in the book and helps us walk it out every day, all day long. It gives you intentional ways to set up the day, month, and year. It builds in worship, God’s truth, questions for every day of the year. Every week it helps us look for joyful moments in our lives. Every month it helps us get our eyes up and go on a mini joy journey with God!

Joy Scale

In both the book and the journal, you will find a practical way to help you scale joy. The joy scale helps you become more aware of what cultivates joy and right size your expectations. As you go through your day, you will see what brings you joy and how to create more joy.

Last Thing, Treat Yourself!

We encourage you to get this book as a treat to yourself! It is designed to create peace and joy in your life! Think of it as new shoes, chocolate, or something you wouldn’t normally get yourself!

“The biggest thing is, this book is for everyone because it is about God’s journey with each of us. I am blown away when talking with people about similar experiences involving losing joy. All of us have had moments of shame and lost joy. Some of us have never experienced it fully. This journey helped me recognize God still has more for us to walk in. Everyone has more joy to find in their life!” – Sara

So, How Do I Buy the Book?

Sara Chapple put her heart into this book and it is worth ordering! Buy yourself a copy and cultivate joy in your family today!

Here’s How to Connect with Sara:

Pre-order book and journal: www.sarachapple.com

August 18th: Release on Amazon and local places

Social Media: @heysarachapple

Thursdays: Instagram Live about book, life, and pup😊 

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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