Let’s Have the Best August Ever!

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Who Is Ready for August?

We can all feel the transition coming. The lists are starting to form, and schedules all seem to kick off in August. Anyone know what I am talking about? Appointments, clothes, school lunch accounts, paperwork, school supplies, and class schedules. It goes on and on and on!  

There is a feeling of “it’s coming.” Summer is over and school is starting! How do we make the month of August an effective transition? Another way to ask this, how do we start school well?  

How to Make Good Transitions  

  • We Cannot Be Crazy!  

If we, as parents, the leaders of our family are crazy it makes the start of the season feel crazy. Choose peace in this season and ask Jesus to help you release any “crazy” you might be feeling.

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries for itself. When I started living in this Kingdom reality, I would look up and find myself enjoying summer as it ends instead of feeling stressed all of August.” – Suz

Remember, your kids are feeling all kinds of things as they start the school year. They may be going to school for the first time, transitioning from one grade to another, or one level of education to another. Take the time to get your heart right (get uncrazy), so you can help your kids step into school with confidence. 

  • Start Early  

This summer, we started getting things checked off our list earlier. Haircuts, tennis shoes, and books were a few things we went ahead and bought, so we didn’t stress about it the last week of summer. Look at your “August List” and see if there is anything you can knock out earlier instead of later. 

  • Be Encouraging 

Transitions are a great time to inspire your kids and speak identity into them! The more you bring energy and life into your kids the better their school year will be!

Choose to be an encouraging parent not a crazy stressed one!

Invite your kids to encourage each other too! If you have older kids, ask them to speak into the younger kid’s year and help them be prepared.

  • Infuse With Confidence  

Try and do whatever it takes to help your kids feel confident as they head into their first day of school. Get there early first day of school, go look at the courts/fields they will be playing on, or go with them into the first day of class (if they will let you😊).

As parents, we get to diffuse anxieties and infuse confidence into our kids! 

Transitions are Tricky 

Understand for your child, going from being home all summer into a classroom all day is hard. We help kids make this transition by talking about it. We encourage you to start a conversation with each of your kids about the school year.

Ask them questions and listen to their thoughts about school. If they want to hear it, bring your experience into the conversation. Use the openness to help their hearts and minds. Openness releases anxiety and builds excitement for the first day of a new year! 

Here’s a simple idea. Get your kid something special for their first day of school. Take your kid school shopping and buy them something that will help them remember home. To help remind them they can do it and the transition will be okay!  

Some younger kids really struggle with this transition leaving home all day. In each transition, we can anticipate what our kid will go through because we have been through it before! We can help encourage them along the way!  

Attitudes with Transitions? 

Often times transitions bring attitude from our kids. Often times not positive attitudes… Transitions create and opportunity for us to listen to what is being said in between the words/complaints. Is it fear, doubt, insecurity, lack of confidence? If you can get to the core of their attitude, speak hope and identity into it. Speak scripture over the situation. Find a truth in God’s word and pray it over them at night together.  

If you don’t want to be a detective and search behind the words, then just ask them! See what they say!

You can also talk about expectations. Have a simple conversation with them about what this year holds. Talk about how the school year is a clean slate and they can grow in so many ways! Help them replace fears with anticipation for what God can do in and through them. 

Parents, we want to wrap up by flipping your thinking about August. We spent so many years stressing over this month and missing out on all God wanted to do in our family. Learn from us! Take time to transition well into the Fall. We believe being intentional in August will set you family up for the rest of the year! Blessings and let’s make this the BEST August EVER!
How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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