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How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

We have been building a Crazy Cool Family for 30+ years and we started the CCF ministry a few years ago. We’ve had the amazing honor of helping families through our key concepts and practical life applications. We believe your family is learning to be Crazy Cool in your own way through things we’ve put on social media, podcasts, and our membership site called Basecamp.  

Basecamp is a membership site which gives concentrated training over time. It’s like Netflix for parenting!  

Over the last few years, we’ve invited people from all over the world to learn through Basecamp. Basecamp is kind of like a book series. It started with our book, Crazy Cool Family. The book came first but Basecamp gives you the whole parenting series and allows you to unpack it at your own pace!  

What We Know:  

  • Everything we teach in Basecamp is applicable to EVERY FAMILY
  • Your family can learn from the content in Basecamp
  • We want to share what Basecamp has to offer!  

What is Crazy Cool Family?

Crazy Cool Family {Core}

In our book, we use core concepts to build everything on. They are like a parent’s spring board into learning how to build an amazing family! They are the foundation we use to encourage, invest, and empower you to build up your family.  

Our core verse is Matthew 22: 37-40 which calls us to love God first and our neighbor as ourself second. God revealed to us how our relational priorities matters to Him. You see, family is ALL about relationships. When you focus on the relationships in your family, your family will grow to glorify God! 

The strength of your family will be determined by the strength of your family relationships.  

When we started teaching this in our church, in small groups, or discipleship settings, we saw how the value of relationships changed families.  It was after doing this for a season we felt God called us to share our experience with as many families as possible! 

Family Dashboard 

We created a “diagnostic” tool for families to evaluate the relational lines. It’s called the Family Dashboard. When you choose to look at each relationship, you can create practical steps to build it or change it if needed!  

Here are some examples:  

  • Getting along with your spouse 
  • Gaining wisdom with God and speaking it into your high schooler  
  • Your kids are best friends and buddies for life  
  • You choose to encourage your daughter instead of judge or criticize her  

Families are like a greenhouse. It needs all the right parts to help a kids grow. Parents, don’t you want to raise kids who love you, love Jesus, and love each other? We use this idea to help you develop culture within your family.  

If you don’t like the culture in your home, great! You can change it!  

So many parents are worried about the “world” and what the outside will do to your kids. A big revelation God gave us was to stop focusing on the outside and fortify your kids’ hearts. Focus on your kids loving you and loving Jesus. If they have those two relationships in tacked, they can take on anything!  

What to Remember  

1 Family Dashboard 

2 Key Words: Relationships and Culture 

3 Key Commitments: Pursue God, Build Relationships, & Create Culture 

4 Pillars of Culture: Encouragement, Safe Haven, Discipline, & Unity  

5 Relationship: Parent to God, Marriage, Parent to Kid, Kid to Kid, & Kid to God 

 The reality is, we can’t learn parenting in a week. It’s a journey and we want to come alongside you and drip Godly concepts into you in the coming days, months, and years!  

God wants to take you on a 18–25-year journey called parenting. He wants to teach you how to interact with little people and raise them up to love Jesus. He is a loving Father and we believe He is for your family. We believe through our book and Basecamp, you will be equipped to be the parents God created you to be!

Wrap Up

  • We want you to learn from what God has taught us
  • We have A LOT to share
  • We want you to have all our resources and use them at your own pace
  • We wanted to make complex concepts easy to understand
    • through short videos, audios, and PDFs!

Basecamp, our membership site, is the best way we can gather likeminded people to encourage and empower on the parenting journey. You have access (like a drive through) or we can deliver (like pizza!) content to help build your family



God was so sweet to show us how many people need this resource but cannot afford it. We never want finances to hinder families from growing. We believe every family can benefit from Basecamp.

If you want to know more about FREE Basecamp, give us your name and email through our Connect Page. We can share more with you about how Basecamp is accessible for everyone!

Next week we are going to share more about Basecamp!

So listen next week to learn how to get access to Basecamp for FREE! Share this podcast with anyone and everyone you know so we can spread the word about FREE Basecamp!
How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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