Part 2: Basecamp is… FREE!

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Did You Hear The News?!

We have been building a Crazy Cool Family for 30+ years and we started the CCF ministry a few years ago. We’ve had the amazing honor of helping families through our key concepts and practical life applications. We believe your family is learning to be Crazy Cool in your own way through things we’ve put on social media, podcasts, and our membership site called Basecamp.  

Basecamp is a membership site which gives concentrated training over time. It’s like Netflix for parenting!  

Over the last few years, we’ve invited people from all over the world to learn through Basecamp. Basecamp is kind of like a book series. It started with our book, Crazy Cool Family. The book came first but Basecamp gives you the whole parenting series and allows you to unpack it at your own pace!  

What We Know:  

  • Everything we teach in Basecamp is applicable to EVERY FAMILY
  • Your family can learn from the content in Basecamp
  • We want to share what Basecamp has to offer!  

Last week we shared about a step of faith we feel like God is asking us to take. We are spending time today to share about our membership site, Basecamp, and changes we are implementing on October 1st.  

Basecamp is a membership site for families (any shape, size, or in any season)! We designed Basecamp to “drip” material into your family. Through videos we packaged in 10 Core Courses (or video snippets as Suz likes to call them), we are able to disciple you and help your family.  

Your family is hand-picked by God for this day, season, and generation. We want to come alongside you and help your family love God, love you, and love each other! 

Why Should You Join Basecamp?  

  • Each course is designed to help your family in any + every season
  • You can go at your own pace 
  • There is SO MUCH truth in each video for you to learn 
  • It’s accessible to you on any/all devices (too easy!)  

What is in Basecamp?  

10 Core Courses: 

  • These courses teach you about culture, relationships, and family values  
  • Each course has practical ways to implement the truths you learn  
  • We break down every type of family relationship 

Here are a few examples of how the courses can help:

  • Marriage Course: How to love your spouse AND how to parent kids in unity
  • Discipline Course: How to connect, not divide relationships
  • Kid-to-Kid Course: How to help each type of sibling dynamic and build a culture of love
  • Parent-to-Kid Course: What does it look like to be a safe place for your kid to process the things they experience in their life?

Quick Answers: 

We provide short easy to apply videos about specific parenting questions. They are always available and we are always adding more answers!

Outside Resources: 

We put all our favorite parenting books, podcasts, and books here for you to check out! They are great ways to learn about certain core concepts in a deeper way!

Have You Ever Stopped and Thought About These Topics?

  • Discipline partnered with Discipleship  
  • Encouragement vs. Criticism
  • Building Family Unity 
  • Intimacy within Marriage which overflows into parenting
There is only one place where all these topics are packaged and easily accessible for you! It’s Basecamp!

Okay, How Do I Join?  

Basecamp is so easy to join! You can get access on all devices. When you sign up for Basecamp, here is what you will get:  

  • CCF Courses: Short videos to help you learn key concepts. Each video is designed to help your family grow! 
  • Quick Answers: Short Videos answering specific questions about parenting. 
  • Outside Resources: Books, podcasts, and other great works we’ve used over the years to learn and grow! 

Now Basecamp is free and we can share it with everyone! All our experiences are accessible to you and anyone you want to share it with! We deeply desire for you to utilize these resources and share them!  

Invite everyone you know into Basecamp. What we have found is when you learn these truths within community, it goes deep and you will see the fruit in your family!  

We invite you to sign up for Basecamp and buy our book! Start a small group and go through the book and the courses together. Add parenting into the spiritual conversation and watch how God will reveal His Father’s heart to you through these resources!  

Ways You Can Learn from CCF:  

  • Our Book! Buy it!  
  • Podcast: listen, share, send us ideas! 
  • YouTube: Be on the lookout for our upcoming videos on YouTube! 
  • Basecamp: the one stop shop for all your CCF needs😊  

Our goal is to drip life giving content into your family through these resources. We want to be with you for a long time. Basecamp is a resource for life. We want to be with you every step of your parenting journey. We feel like God is leading us into this new season and we want you to come along!  

If you have any questions, please check out our website: or email us at [email protected]  

If you want to know more about FREE Basecamp, give us your name and email through our Connect Page. We can share more with you about how Basecamp is accessible for everyone!

More to come about how to use Basecamp and integrate CCF into your life, parenting, and family! When parents commit to building their family, they see God move! It doesn’t matter what season you are in, when you apply these concepts, you will see a change in your family! We are so excited to watch God’s heart flow through our ministry!  
How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

If you have a question or a parenting issue that you’d like us to discuss in a future podcast, email us at [email protected].

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