Two Ingredients for the BEST Thanksgiving Week

Week 1: Awareness

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Episode 143

Happy Turkey Month!

We love November for so many reasons!  

  • Color outside in the leaves and trees  
  • Weather changing 
  • Family getting together for Thanksgiving 
  • All the yummy food  
    • Anybody a turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwich kinda person?

One reason we love Thanksgiving so much is because of family. Christmas brings presents and lots of fun memories but there is something slower and more peaceful about Thanksgiving. It’s a long weekend full of family.  

Another reason is it’s a holiday centered on gratefulness. Once we are stuffed full of delicious food we get to sit around and be grateful. Talk about what God is doing in each of our lives and what we are grateful for!  

For many families, you grew up with Thanksgiving traditions but overall, it was not peaceful. Maybe there was arguing, marriage issues, or just not a time of deep connection. Maybe you travel during Thanksgiving and your extended family is stressful. Maybe having kids home all week is not peaceful for you.  

Whatever Thanksgiving is going to look like for you, we want to use the next 2 podcasts to elevate your Thanksgiving week! How do you “elevate” Thanksgiving, you ask?

We are unpacking 2 words to help you in the holiday season! Ready for these two words?  

The word this week is, AWARENESS.  

Bring awareness to our week. Your meal, your family, or any event you attend.  

What is Awareness?  

Definition: Informed, alert, knowledgeable, sophisticated 

We believe awareness is next level. A lot of people go through life bogged down. It keeps them from being aware from what is happening in the moment. Aware people are able to see things at a higher level.  

For example, when Suz drives into the garage, she looks around to see what cars are parked in the driveway so she knows who is home/who is in her house. Don does not usually do this. He is not usually aware of where people are.  

Some people who notice everything can live an annoyed life because they see all the imperfections. Awareness is not designed to make you judgmental. It’s to help you be more aware of God and step into those things.  

Apply Awareness to Thanksgiving

Awareness is stepping where God wants. It’s being open to where He is in any given moment.  

Another way to say this, is WWJD – What would Jesus do?  

The story of Jesus at the wedding is a great example. He was at an event (not hosting) and saw a need. His mom made a request for him to solve a problem. By doing a miracle he brought peace to a chaotic event.  

Imagine you doing this on Thanksgiving Day. How can you bring the presence and power of Jesus into your event?  

Note to Dads/Husbands: Your wife may come to you and ask for something. OR you can ask her how you can be useful or helpful. Instead of focusing on the football game, choose to focus on the relationships in the room.

When we choose to be aware, we can change the atmosphere. 

Practical Ways Practice Awareness:  

  • Look who is around you  
  • Ask questions (using FORM method) 
  • Start conversations and don’t talk about yourself 
  • Look for ways to help around the house

What if your goal in conversation is to learn about them and make them feel known. Being aware helps others feel loved.  

Being aware makes others feel good. They will walk away from Thanksgiving feeling loved.  

Another way to be aware is by helping. Look around and see if the trash needs to be taken out or if you can help assemble the salad or set the table. Awareness is beautiful when it turns into serving and meeting a need.  

What if you spent this holiday being intentional with your time? We assume we get to rest during the holidays. Rest is not bad but what if we flipped our thinking and chose to do it with our eyes open.  

See parents, you have a choice. The holidays are precious and we set the culture for our kids. How do you want to be remembered as a parent during the holidays? Fun? Stressed? You get to pick!  

We encourage you to start the day with talking to God and surrendering the day to Him. Ask him to open your eyes and make you more aware. God is faithful to help you and He will help you see the day as a way to be His hands and feet, not a slave to the holiday crazy! 

Ask God to give you peace and help you be aware of Him throughout the day. Ask Him for His eyes to see the need and bring His love into every moment of Thanksgiving.  

How Can You Have the Best Thanksgiving?  

Bring awareness and carry peace into every event.  

So, this thanksgiving when you walk into the room- take a minute to be aware, notice everything and everyone. Ask yourself what would make this scene even better…and then do it! 

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How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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