Two Ingredients for the BEST Thanksgiving Week

Week 2: Appreciation

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Episode 144

Happy [almost] Thanksgiving!

We are talking about making this Thanksgiving the BEST one yet!

You can’t change past holidays but you can always make the upcoming one better!

Do you remember the ingredient from last week?

Last week we talked about awareness and this week we focus in on appreciation.

Appreciation: The act of estimating the qualities of things and giving them their proper value.

Whose value are we talking about? We want to give people’s God’s value!
How do we give people value? By thankful recognition.

This is how we can use appreciation this Thanksgiving! It’s thankfulness.

Appreciation is recognition wrapped in thankfulness. How beautiful!

Connection is easier when people feel valuable and make you feel worthy. When someone doesn’t appreciate you, it is a lot harder to connect relationally.

Maddox said an interesting thing the other day, “people that appreciate me are easier to be around.” When I clarified he said that they are a lot easier to connect with”

This makes complete sense because appreciation is like gratefulness in that it is a supernatural relationship bonder.

When you go into a situation, try to go in full of appreciation!

Imagine this scene: you’ve just driven 5 hours to have a meal with your family. The kids are tired and sick of being in the car- maybe a little wild, your wife has a bit of a headache and is stressed about the pies in the trunk… did they make it? You walk into your in-law’s house and you smell something burning and your mother-in-law is running around like a chicken with her head cut off…..

How do we take this scene and turn it into the best Thanksgiving ever? 

We encourage you to be aware and apply appreciation to flip this moment!  
  • Awareness is seeing the headache and asking how you can help 
  • Awareness is understanding the kids are in the car and tired/bored  
  • Awareness driving carefully so you don’t ruin the pies 
  • Appreciation is calling out the best in people 
  • Appreciation is complimenting the food/atmosphere 
  • Appreciation is using the 5 love languages 

5 Love Languages = Appreciation:  

  • Words of affirmation/encouragement:  
    • “The dinner looks, tastes amazing!”
    • “The pies are the best you have ever made!”
    • “This is the best Thanksgiving ever! I love spending time with all of you.”
  • Acts of service:
    • Carve the turkey, do all the dishes, or take out the trash
    • It really goes a long way for the host
  • Bring Gifts: 
    • Flowers, chocolates, or a bottle of wine to thank the host
  • Give Physical touch:
    • Hugs, hugs for everyone!
  • Quality time: 
    • Have a good conversation or spend time doing something they love
    • Find the person sitting along (or on their phone)
    • Make your way around the room and touch base with each person

Note to husbands: one of the best ways to help your wife on the holidays is entertain the kids. When the wife/mom has one less thing to think about it helps the mom feel more peaceful about putting things together.  

“Don’t be a lazy dad and don’t be a cranky mom!” Why don’t we flip this holiday culture in your family! 

Appreciation is a game-changer in relationships! If you cannot make any of the other suggestions happen, simply say, “I appreciate you”, to everyone you talk to!

And if you can take it to the next level and make it personal then say, “I appreciate that you (fill in the blank)… worked so hard on this meal, you’re such a great cook, that you are so beautiful, that you drove all this way to be with family.”

Thanksgiving Challenge

We invite you to take a minute after the meal and have everyone talk about what they appreciate in their life right now. You will be pleasantly surprised at the power of appreciation.

You walk away feeling full from what you’ve eaten but your soul feels full of all the good things people have shared. Appreciation is next level and helps us connect Heaven to Earth.

It’s a really good full and that’s the kind of full we want you to experience Thanksgiving in it’s fullness!

We love Thanksgiving because it can be so relational. Start building a culture of awareness and appreciation into your family. It will help you have the best Thanksgiving you’ve ever had!

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How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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