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Feat. Jodie Niznik

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Episode 146

Our friend Jodie Niznik is joining us today. She is mutual friends with Sara Chapple who wrote Journey to Joy.

Sara encouraged us to invite Jodie in to talk about how parents can pursue God.  

Our goal today is to inspire you to spend time with God. Jodie’s ministry centers around this goal. Let’s jump in!  


When and how you fell in love with Jesus?  

Jodie didn’t grow up in a Christian home. She had great parents but they never went to church. At 13, she went to a Christian camp and heard the Gospel and knew it was true.  

“When I heard the Gospel and that Jesus wanted a relationship with me, that’s when I said, “how do I do this?!” – Jodie  

At the start of her journey, she did not understand the truth of His grace and being a child of God. Through Young Life and her time in college, she started seeing depth in her relationship with God.  

She got married at 22 and has been married for 27 years. They eventually moved from Colorado and landed in Texas. 

In Texas, they found a church and a pastor who helped Jodie see the value in God’s word and His grace. Once she became rooted in this truth she felt like “everyone should know this truth! The truth of God’s grace.”

She later heard from God to go to seminary and begin the process of knowing God’s word and putting it in a form to teach others. God opened doors and provided in testimonial ways. God showed them His provision and made a way for her to obey and kickstart his ministry.  

Jodie’s Ministry

After seminary, she joined the pastoral staff at her church. God stirred up the gifting of pastoring and teaching. It was a beautiful process of hearing God’s “nudges” and obeying His voice.  

She began creating bible studies for the women in her church. This was how she got into writing and continued to ask God, “What do you want me to write now?”  

A few years ago, God placed it on her heart to start the podcast, Creating Space for God. 

Lecto Divina is Latin for sacred reading of God’s word. Jodie experienced God through His word and reading it in a specific way.  

Sacred Reading

  • Read the passage 
  • Read it again 
  • Ask Holy Spirit to point out a word to you  
  • Read it again 
  • Talk to Holy Spirit about the word/sentence right now  

Again, she experienced God in this place and said, “Everyone needs to know about this!”  

When she started sharing this method of experiencing God’s word, people thanked her for the space for them to hear from God.

The truth is we have so much access to biblical knowledge but how often do we put ourselves in front of God’s word and give him the space to speak.  

Podcast: So Much More, Creating Space for God 

Jodie’s heart is all about creating sacred space to hear God’s word. The podcast is divided into two parts. 

The First Part:  

Jodie uses the podcast to experience God’s word on a daily or weekly basis. It gives parents a 10–15-minute window of quiet and let God’s word be read over you and asking Him what He has for you.  

“I promise He will show up every single time. It’s an encounter with the living God.” Jodie

The Second Part: 

It includes a guest who has read the same sacred scripture reading and they share what God led them to. It is always different and always a surprise on why and what God led them to.  You hear from people about what is really going on in their lives and how God speaks into it, right now.  

“I want to hear about what God is doing in your life right now because the bigness of God’s word is stunning to me!” – Jodie  

Parents, we hope you catch how layered God’s word is. Through every season of your life, He wants to use His word and apply it to your life.  

This podcast is an example of how deep God’s word is and how God will use it every day, in every season to speak hope and life into you.  

We long for deep connection with others but we often stay at the surface of conversation. We invite you to do this with a friend or person in your season of life. Use this tool as a connection to take the conversation deeper.  

Why is it valuable for men and women to spend time connecting to God?  

  • God is the Creator of all and lover of my soul  
  • If He did all of that for me, I desire to spend time with Him  
  • God’s ways are not our ways, spend time with Him so we know His ways 
  • Spend time with Him so we know His voice  
  • He invites us into a true and abundant life  

Okay, But How!?

  • You have a choice to make; there is always something else to do 
  • At the start of the year, find the space for God in your schedule  
  • Create a lunch date with God or intentional space 
  • Set your kids up to play independently 

Independent play for kids is important but what we love parents is the space Jodie set up to be with God. She decided she would spend time with God and nothing was more important in that window of time.

It’s a choice, so how will you practically make it after listening to this podcast? 

How Do We Create Space for God in Our Lives?  

We create it. We have to be intentional because life will crowd it out. Sometimes it’s hard and usually comes with sacrifice. Creating space is an inspiring way to say it because it can feel “religious.” God doesn’t see it this way but maybe you need to flip your thinking and see time with Him as something you “create” not “need to do.” 

Where Do We Start?  

  • Choose a resource and stick with it 
  • Bible studies (look at Jodie’s options)  
  • Choose to “chip away” and release the strict timeline  
  • Pick a bible character and study them for a season 
  • Listen to the So Much More: Creating Space for God Podcast (Season 2) 
  • Start in the Psalms (standalone truth)  
  • Find your cozy spot at home and make a choice to be with God 

Wrap Up

Parents, we hope you feel inspired to take this resource and go find space with God. It’s worth it for your heart and for our family!  

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How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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