Is Your Family Full of Fun? 

Feat. Larry & Madeline Jones

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Episode 147

Do you have fun with your kids?  

Madeline and Larry Jones join us to talk about how to make life fun! They have two toddlers and are living life to the fullest level of joy possible. We wanna know how and why!  

Madeline is a 7 on the Enneagram and is wired for fun. She is vibrant and loves to laugh! Larry said, “Madeline does fun!” 

Family Goal = Fun, Fun, Fun!

Madeline is so good at turning everyday tasks into something fun. When she was little, she transformed the house into whatever world she was having fun in.

Parents, how cool is it to have a kid who sees everything as fun. We loved it and it set a crazy cool culture in our family. Do you have any kids like this? Maybe they are but the stresses of life have quieted the spirit of fun God gave them.

Challenge: Flip your thinking and try to see the fun in the little moments of life.

“My goal for my children is when they look back on their childhood, they see it as a blast. Cleaning the house, making dinner, and going to bed was all fun! ” – Madeline 

How does the goal of fun mix with raising Jesus-focused, great kids?  

Joy has always marked Madeline’s relationships with Jesus. She knows Jesus through joy. When she pictures herself with Jesus, she pictures them laughing and having a blast. The joy of the Lord is something Madeline consistently experiences in her relationship with God. Bringing this joy into her family is her main way to help her kids experience Jesus.  

Parents, sometimes we equate fun with what we do when work is done. “Fun has its place and isn’t always productive.” Have you ever said this? Maybe this way of thinking isn’t accurate.

Integrating life and joy into your household is valuable. The joy of the Lord is our strength and helps us walk through life’s ups and downs.

Madeline loves living full of joy and making everything fun but what about Larry?

He is not wired the exact same way (Enneagram 3) but he likes to be more productive. He likes a finished to-do list and a tidy house. Fun can override both of these plans but it often worth it.  

Larry said the value of fun is something he can have vision for because he wants to enjoy these moments with his wife and kids. Goes back to the overall goal of his kids looking back on their lives and loving their childhood. He says fun makes him think more into the future and not so much about the tiny tasks of the current moment.  

How are you making the goal happen?  

Practical ways you bring fun into your family 
  • Laughter 
  • Music 
  • Making songs 
  • Lights in the kitchen 
  • Adventures 
  • Activities 
  • Everything is a game 

One way they move the day along and monitor fun is by using a timer. They want to say yes to fun but there are also boundaries within family. The timer becomes the bad guy (not the parents). They will say, “2 minutes to shoot the basketball then bed.” Once the timer goes off it’s a “Aww… bummer! Time to go to bed.”  

Can you teach your kids to be joyful?  

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength. (dries up the bones). Proverbs 17:22 

Madeline and Larry would say yes! Truett has a lot of emotions and are very passionate. They call out the bad mood and help him exchange it.  

Saying things like, “Oh buddy, that’s a grouchy attitude, let’s throw it away and find his good mood.” They roll down the window or open the trash and “throw it away.” It works! 

Some kids are not naturally joyful but the parent is the main voice in their heads and hearts. You can help your kids see the fun in life by speaking it out and helping them recognize it.  

Your example is more important than your instruction. Parents, if you are the example of joy for your kids, they will have joy.  We invite you to look at relationships through the lens of joy instead of accomplishing a task or checking a box.  

Fun = Adventures 

A family who adventures is a fun family! Making random memories and going on adventures is part of building culture. The Jones committed to adventures and fun. They choose to include their kids in all the travels (or most of them) and any adventure they want to go on.  

“Any adventure we go on, we want to include them in. We don’t want our kids to take the fun out of our lives. We wanted to bring them along and figure it out.” – The Jones 

Final Thoughts 

It’s important to zoom out and think about your kid’s childhood as a whole. How do you want them to look back and see these days you are living. How do you want to remember them?  

Parents, we hope you are hearing you have permission to release all the “tasks” and embrace the temporary chaos. If your house is not clean all day, that’s okay. Part of having joy and fun is making messes. The Jones create times of the day to “reset” their house and prepare for more fun in the future.   

One final thought we hope you catch is including your kids in the fun of your life and make a value of your family joy. Your kids are going to look back on their childhood. Stop and take a minute to ask yourself, “What are my kids going to remember? Was it joy?”  

We are here for you whatever the answer may be. Now is the time to start valuing joy and helping our kids have joy in this season. 

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How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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