What’s You Word for 2022?

Feat. Macy Robinson

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Episode 151

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It’s the beginning of 2022 and we want to talk about… Words!

This week Suz is joined by our 3rd daughter Macy to talk about words. We all use them and they carry a lot of power! Words have the power to build up or tear down. Words also have the power to bring vision to a season or group of people.

So, today we are asking the popular question, what is your word for 2022? 

Macy shared how in years past God has given her a word to mark the year. Throughout late high school and early college, God gave her the word intimacy” and revealed to her how she was made for intimacy because her name is literally in the word. She carried this revelation with her into marriage and continues to receive love from God through this word.

In 2020, God gave her the timely word of repentance. She got married in early 2020 and then we all know what happened in March. Repentance was a timely word for Macy because the year was all about turning to God and turning away from her sinful habits. In her words, “My word for 2020 changed my life!” 

Suz shared about the word, “love.” God gave her this word when she had teenagers and toddlers. He used this word to help her navigate being a mom of kids in very different seasons. He took the whole year (and later years) to smash the box Suz put love in and expand her view of the word and actions that follow.

This is the power of words! They mark us, refine us, and transform us from the inside out. When God gives us a word, it can impact our hearts in ways we could never imagine. 

What’s Your Word for 2022? 

It’s valuable to have a personal word for the year but today we want to take it to a new level.

What would it look like to seek God for a word for your family in 2022? 

Practically, here are a few things you can do: 

  1. Pray: get still before God and ask Him what He wants for your family
  2. Ask your family: have a fun dinner and brainstorm words you want to declare over your family this year
  3. Dream: spend time taking with God about the word and think about what He could do with it

God is not limited by words but He does use them to reveal His heart to us. We say this a lot but identity determines behavior. Who we believe we are determines how we respond or react. What God says about us and our family is meaningful. He is our creator and He gets to define us.

Asking God for a word for 2022 is like asking Him to put a banner over your life and sing it over you throughout the year. He will remind you of it in March when your deciding how to spend Spring Break, He will bring it back to mind in July when your ready for kids to be back in school, and He will call you back to the secret place in November before the holidays hit to remind you where you started and how far you’ve come.

God is just good like this. It’s the Gospel. He enters into our world, gets on our level, and helps us. He is faithful and we believe if you will seek Him for a word, He will show up.

How to Use Your 2022 Word?

The two main ways we’d encourage you to activate this idea is by asking the questions, “Why?” and “How?” 


Why is a great questions little kids ask because they are “building their data bank.” They are collecting information about their world. As children of God, we can do the same thing! Ask God, “Why this word?” or “What do I do with this word today?” or “Why did you give me this word and not another word?” God loves to answer our questions, it creates connection with our Father (and He loves that!)

Why is a vision question. It takes us back to the heart of things instead of just the “practical, get it done” part of our lives.

Remember, man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. When we as “why” we access God’s heart and He can access ours. 


How is a great question because it makes everything practical. You can use this with your family. “How are we going to be a family full of fun?” or “How are we doing to be kind today?” The question comes with openness and sincerity, not judgment and frustration. Use these questions to foster connection within your family.

The goal of all this is connection. We want 2022 to be a year of reconnecting with our family. The best way to strengthen our relational lines is through connecting, healing, and communicating. 

How are you going to kick off 2022 and connect to your family? Start with finding a word for your family for the year! 
How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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