76. Back to School

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

It’s time to go back to school! This year looks quite different for many families but we want to empower and equip you as you make the best decision for your family.  We want to encourage and equip you as you’re heading back to school.

If you decide your kids are going to attend school

Know and make your kids aware of: 

  • Masks 
  • Social distance 
  • Teachers and coaches will be on kids all the time about the rules 
  • Not having a normal lunch experience 
  • School might be canceled or classroom shut down on short notice
  • Might have to deal with disruptions 

It’s important that you are aware of the tension in the air and the effect it has on the kids. Create positive experiences to balance out any potential negative experiences that may happen.  How are you going to encourage your kids in that scene every day? 

A few ideas for encouragement: 

  • Send notes in lunch box 
  • Pray before they get out of the car to go to class 
  • Pick a scripture/verse to empower kids thought 

If you decide not to send your kids to school 

Remember, this is just a season! You can take this one year at a time.  Dream about how to use this as a season to create different experiencesYou have a chance to plan and be creative with homeschooling. 

What are ways to create different experiences this season?

  • Ask kids what they want the year to be like
  • Buddy teach (partner teach with another family)
  • Travel with family (not sure what that will look like)
  • Get involved in church (if available) 

What are some ideas for extra-curricular? 

  • Trampoline park
  • Hiking
  • Guitar lessons
  • Art classes
  • Swim lessons 

We dont have all the ideas but we want to encourage you to dream about new ideas!  This is a great time to get together with your spouse to talk about different opportunities.  What if extracurricular is taken out?  Is there something else they are interested in? 

Invite your kid to be apart of this decision making process.  Inviting your kids into these school decisions will encourage your kids to seek and hear God’s voice. 

For older kids: We believe that your kids should be apart of this decision if you have the flexibility for that. Whatever they decide, they’ll have ownership in! Encourage your older child to pray about it and see where God is leading them.  

For younger kids: If you lay out all the parameters and you see fear in your first grader’s eyes, then we would counsel you to try homeschooling for a season!  

Let’s make this season something that’s special for our home rather than something that’s a pain.   

Download our homeschool guide here 

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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