78. How to Have the Best Homeschool Experience With Your Kids 

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Today I have my daughter McKenzie with me to talk about home educating. McKenzie was homeschooled as a child and now she has degree in psychology so she shares some great wisdom with us about what kids need in their education experience. 

Whether you’re homeschooling or not, education is in the parent’s hands. You can send your kids to school all day but when they come home you’re going to have to wash off the world. If you have your kids at home, you have the opportunity to teach them what you want them to learn. You’re in charge of their education whether they go to school or you pursue home education.  

McKenzie shares some great advice from her experience and psychology degree in regards to what kids need from their education:

  • Appreciate your kid (Find opportunities to bring out the best in your kids  not every kid learns the same way or at the same pace) 
  • Strengthen the basics (you have to teach your kids the basics, like holding a pencil, before you can ask them to do the hard things, like draw or write letters) 
  • Value & Create Experiences (when kids experience a lesson for themselves instead of doing a worksheet about it, they’ll learn so much more about it!) 
  • Focus on the small wins (and celebrate them!)  
  • Tune in to their attention spans (it’s like a muscle and can be expanded) 
  • Go first- be a life-long learner and your kids will be too 
  • Let your kids teach you as you teach them 

We’ve also created a really helpful homeschool guide that covers all of the homeschooling FAQ’s in more depth. We hope you check it out!

Download Homeschool Guide Here
How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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