79. Experiencing the Coronavirus – Featuring Macy & Jared Robinson

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

This week we have our daughter Macy and her husband Jared joining us to talk about the coronavirus! Macy and Jared both were diagnosed with COVID19 a few weeks ago so we asked them all about it. We want our listeners to know what it was like for them and how it impacted their life.  

Disclaimer: We aren’t sharing political or medical opinions here.   

We covered the following questions:  

  • How did they get exposed and what was the timeline? 
  • What were their symptoms and the timeline of symptoms? 
  • How did they support their immune system? (We are not doctors, but just sharing what worked for them) 
  • What was the testing process like and why did you get tested?  
  • What was quarantining like?  
  • What were you thinking and feeling throughout the process?  
  • Where was God in all of it?  
  • How would you encourage families about the the Coronavirus?  

Disclaimer- Once again we are not doctors and we have no qualifications to tell you what is best for your family. We just want you to know our experience and hopefully you will be filled with hope and courage if the virus hits your family. 

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays
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