Part 3: Where Is Jesus?

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

How do you explain to your kids that Jesus lives in our heart?   

In this podcast we explore how God defines the heart and how Jesus lives inside it! 

Has your child or student ever stumped you with a question? How about this one- “Mom, where is Jesus right now?”  

“Where” is one of the first concepts little kids understand. As babies, they don’t grasp the idea and cry every time someone leaves the room. But over time they learn that you are still, just not in sight.  

When kids begin to grasp the concept of where something is- it helps their minds be grounded or anchored in their surroundings.  

One of the ways kids build their world is with the word “where.” The information helps them know where they are and where others are. Mommy is in the kitchen. Daddy is at work. Grandmother lives in Arkansas. My sister is at school.  

So, one of the best ways to make Jesus real to our kids is to explain where Jesus is.  

It is such a great comfort to know that Jesus has a place and we can help our kids understand where His place is.   

BUT Jesus is not as simple as mom, dad, granny, and sister.  

Jesus is actually in 3 places. Scripture tells he is everywhere, at the right hand of God, and in our hearts.  

1. He is everywhere (omniscient)  

Jeremiah 23:23 & 24 reminds us that God is everywhere in heaven and on earth.  

We describe this to our kids like the feeling of wind -you can’t always see it, but you know it exists and surrounds you.  

Childlike faith believes (maybe not understands) that God is everywhere- like the wind.  

2. He is in Heaven- at the right hand of God  

Kids understand that Jesus’ body is with God in heaven. This makes sense to kids because it’s a place. 

Luke 22:69 shows us how Jesus, the Son of man, sits at the right hand of our Mighty God. He was on Earth but now He is in Heaven with God.  

We find great comfort in knowing Jesus is sitting right next to God, advocating and talking to God on our behalf.  

 3. He is in our hearts 

Ephesians 3:17 says Christ dwells in our hearts through faith. He can come and make His home in our hearts (NLT).  

Parents, that is the ultimate goal. We want each of our kids to invite Jesus to dwell in their hearts.  

So, first we have to understand- what is our heart and how does Jesus live there?  

One of our favorite authors, John Eldridge, says “The heart is the dwelling place of our true beliefs.” 

Your heart is where your emotions and desires begin. They are tangible and pliable- we can feel and do things with our hearts.  

When we invite Jesus into our hearts, we are inviting Him to have a place in our deepest emotions, feelings, desires, and beliefs. We give Him access to it all!  

Psalm 37 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  

The concept that’s hard for kids to understand is – how is he in our hearts? 

Kids are very literal- sometimes they think Jesus, the person, is living inside them. That’s where we need to clarify.  

  •  Jesus, the person, is at the right hand of God.  
  •  Jesus, the spirit, the invisible being is what lives inside you.  

We say He is in your spiritual heart- the place where emotions and desires begin. 

Take a minute and help your kids get in touch with this part of their heart- ask them to think about something sad, or happy or angry.  

The place these feelings are created comes from their spiritual heart and that is where Jesus reigns. When Jesus is in our spiritual heart, he is available to help with anything.  

Let’s Try Something!  

Kids have incredible imaginations- so help them imagine a beautiful chair inside their heart for Jesus. Jesus sits with kindness, love, and understanding. He helps anyone who believes in Him.  

Jesus wants to sit in our spiritual heart – He wants to help!  

Each person is invited to bring Jesus into his/her heart and let our spirits dwell together (1 Cor. 6:17). 

This might lead to the fact that Jesus may not dwell in your child’s heart yet.  

Maybe your child knows about Jesus and understand how He is in heaven at the right hand of God. Maybe your child knows Jesus is omniscient but does not believe He is in their heart. 

Your child may have a worldly understanding about Jesus, but not the heart Jesus. If not, then there is an invitation you can give of surrender which leads to salvation. 

Be bold, ask them if they know where Jesus is. This is a great time to discuss if they have not asked Jesus into their heart. Lead them to repent and believe that Jesus is their Lord and Savior.  

If they choose to repent and believe, they will become children of God with Jesus in their heart (John 1: 12-13).

Parents, step into this spirit-filled moment! This is an incredible opportunity to lead your kid to the Lord! You get to open the door and invite the REAL Jesus into your kid’s hearts!  

It’s what this time of the year is all about! Christmas shows us Jesus is alive and real. We are invited to stop and help our kids understand where Jesus is in our lives.  

Here is the last thing, ultimately, we are focusing in on this- Where is Jesus in your heart?  

Right now, He sitting with you, with His arm around you, reminding you how valuable you are to Him.  

First, we remember where Jesus is for you and then we can show Him to our kids.  

Go remembering this- One way to introduce your kids to the real Jesus is to explain where he is right now.  

He is omnipresent as God. He is seated in heaven, bodily. And he is especially present in the hearts of believers. 

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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