Building Daily Habits

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

It’s Time to Build Daily Habits!  

In today’s podcast, 3 of our kids, Macy (25), McKenzie (23), and Michael (20) take over to share timely encouragements and challenges for parents who want to focus on family in 2021. 

Families are created by God to challenge each other. God gave you a family to sharpen your faith and inspire growth.  

We believe leaders are readers and if you want to lead your family, reading and learning are necessary daily habits.  

“Let’s Learn How to Love to Learn.”- Michael 

(STOP and read his quote again, or try to say it 5 times fast!) 

At the end of the day, learning is a choice and something we grow to love.  

One of the best ways to learn is reading. Right now, there may be countless dusty, books on your bookshelf. That is a-okay! Do you see the value those books equate to? They hold countless years of other people’s experiences and we have full access!  

Books are a HUGE Blessing!   

Have you ever thought about how much time, energy, and resources it takes to write a book? Some authors say it takes years of trial and error to publish a product they love. We reap the benefits of their hard work.  

“Books are a well of information and an inheritance we get to step into.” – Macy  

Reading books can be challenging, especially if you struggle with a reading disability. McKenzie and Michael did growing up, but they found alternative ways to read. Audio books and podcasts are great ways to read and build relationships.  

CCF Challenge: Read Together 

Invite someone to read a book with you! It is an easy way to share wisdom and knowledge. Accountability is also built in when you do it with another lifelong learner.  

“Reading is more than a hobby. It is an invitation into someone else’s wisdom and experience.” -McKenzie 

We understand if you feel overwhelmed by the idea of reading. We encourage you to release the “do it all and perfectly” mindset and take on a new one.  

Mindset Challenge: Take Away 1 Thing from the Book  

  • Choose a book 
  • As you read, look for one take away  
  • Practice the one take away until it becomes a habit  

The things we learn and read shape our life, faith, and family. Here are a few books we’d recommend to help you build a daily habit of learning.  

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy  

This book talks about how every decision we make matters. Maybe not in the moment, but at some point it will.  

  • Our everyday choices mean something.  
  • We may deny it, but delayed gratification is better then instant gratification.
    • It builds character.  
  • Extraordinary changes happen in the ordinary. If I want to see big things happen, it happens through the ordinary habits of everyday life.

Atomic Habits by James Clear  

This book gives the vision and practical tools to build a lifestyle of daily habits.  

  • Living a life of daily habits is ultimately connected to our identity.  
  • Habits form character and it goes past meeting goals. 
  • If we break habits down to the smallest action-step, anything is possible.

Say it out loud: I am a life-long learner!  

As people of God, we choose to live in our identity by faith until we see the fruit. We choose to read every day because it is who we are, not just what we do. 

The New Science of Learning: How to Learn in Harmony with Your Brain by Terry Doyle and Todd D Zakrajsek 

  • This book is great for parents with kids in college because it helps us live and learn using everything God has given us.  
  • Education fuels decisions
    • Go learn the information, so you can make the best decisions for your family.  

Switch on your Brain by Caroline Leaf 

Everyday, our brain creates new neurons and we decide how to use them. Our brains are constantly growing, so the minute we stop learning our brains start dying. Our brains hunger for sharpening and challenges. Keep your brain alive by feeding it everyday! 

Proverbs 27:17 says, as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.(NIV) 

Hebrews 3:13 says, but encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the sin’s deceitfulness.(NIV)   

“Something happens when you put yourself in someone else’s experience, it awakens you.”- McKenzie 

As you kick off 2021, be a reader. Be passionate about lifelong learning. Don’t allow your heart OR head be hardened by the chaos of the world. Let learning strengthen you and bring life to your soul. We share this truth and challenge you to rise up again and read.  

Final Encouragements:  

  1. Remember to read your Bible
    • Knowing and meditating on Scripture is the best thing you can do.
      • Choose to read the Bible over everything else.
      • Hebrews 4:12a says, His word is alive and active, sharper than a double-edged sword (NIV) and its’s worth listening to.
  2. Read multiple books at the same time
    • It can be fun to have multiple options such as: fictional, finance, educational, and spiritual. 
      • When you have multiple books to choose from, you eliminate the barriers and give yourself options. 

“Find the barriers stopping you from learning and focus on removing them.” – Michael 

We invite you to pick one way to grow as a learner in 2021. Build a lifestyle of consistently growing in your God-given identity of being a lifelong learner.  

Parents, from our kids to you, listen, be encouraged, and join us in the challenge. The past season, or seasons have created different barriers for all of us. Let’s keep it simple and just start again. 

We believe in you!  

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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