Time to Read: 2 minutes


Our children are like a giant blank white board.  We get the first opportunity to write whatever we want on it!  They come to us fresh from heaven with innocence and a willing-teachable spirit.  They desire to be loved and accepted and are eager to do whatever it takes to get that from us.  It one of our most crucial responsibilities to write great things on their blank board.

I actually call this brainwashing. I know the sounds a little unethical– but think of it more like washing off the influence of the world from the brain. Reality is the world brainwashes our children to believe they are ugly, dumb, fat, not enough, don’t need God.  The list goes on and on just look at the billboards, commercials, magazines, social media and you will see what the world has manufactured for our kids to think about themselves and others.

Vary rarely does the world talk favorably about God, our purpose or our identity here on earth. We have to speak that over and into our children.

 Here is a list of the kind of things I intentionally write on their blank board (or wash their brain with).

When they are younger the statements and concepts are simple-

  • You are an adored child of the Most High King.
  • You choose obedience
  • You are kind, loving, gentle to everyone
  • You are the best big brother/sister
  • You keep things neat and tidy- not messy-chaos
  • You eat things good for your body
  • You sleep so your body will grow

When they get a little older the concepts are more complex and powerful.

  • You have been put in this family specifically to practice how to love and serve and learn how to be the person God created you to be.
  • You have Jesus’s greatness in you so they can face a world that is against you.
  • You are a servant leader and a Kingdom builder.
  • You have been uniquely created to influence your siblings and friends for God.
  • Relationships are more important than things.
  • Your time here on earth is valuable and is to be spent collecting relationships for heaven.
  • You are created for a purpose for this time in history.
  • Be in the this present moment- do not let the past regrets or future worries rob you of the amazingness God has built within this moment.

Be purposeful of the direction you want your children to go and say it to them often.  Eventually it will become a part of who they are~ it will be written on their giant white board. You will know when your writing has gone from a dry erase marker to a permanent marker when they start repeating back the very statements you have written.

Challenge- take a few minutes and write the statements you say over your children. Step up your intentionality to say them daily. If you can’t think of any, now is the time to take a couple minutes and create a few that will speak specifically to your child.

Everything that we have – right thinking and right living, a clean slate and a fresh start – comes from God by way of Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 1:30