Time to Read: 2 minutes

The other day my teenage daughter told me her revelation about adults.  She said, “Mom, adults are just kids that have been on this earth a little longer so they have more experiences.  They are not the enemy. They are the perfect helpers for us kids because we have not walked through as many things as they have.   I know they are to be treated with respect as authority figures but when I think of them as people just like me it makes adults not be so scary and unapproachable.”  

A couple days later my teenage son said, “I really liked my Bible teacher this year because he is just a big kid so it’s really easy to relate to him.” 

When our children can see us as people that they can relate to and not the enemy, then the doors are wide open for us to help them along their journey in this world.  

So many times, we as adults, take the controlling, bossy road where we constantly tell kids what to do.  When we lord our adultness over them we become unsafe and not trustworthy so they don’t want our help on their journey. Which is exactly how Satan designs parenting–alienating kids from their parents.

God gave us, as parents, the unique role of speaking into our children’s lives. When we stop seeing ourselves as better and knowing more then our children doors of influence will fly open. Yes, we have had more time and experiences than they have had on this earth. Which sets us up in the perfect-hand-picked-by-God position to help our children to choose success in their own lives. Let’s not blow it by always being so adult-ish.

Deep down inside I still feel like a little girl/teenager playing the role of an adult. Do you? Maybe if we tap into that feeling we will connect with our kids on a whole new level. Because reality is–we are just ripened children.

Jesus says, “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”  (Luke 18:17)