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Want to raise incredible kids who love Jesus? We can show you how!

Basecamp is a parenting membership platform and library to help you in your parenting journey through monthly concepts, actionable teachings, helpful resources, and guidance.

Are you telling yourself some of the same things we used to?

  • “I feel like I never do this parenting thing right! There are so many methods and different advice out there. How do I know who to listen to?”

  • “Often, I walk away from parenting advice feeling discouraged. Like my kids are already too far gone, and I’ve already made so many mistakes. It’s too late.”

Guess What?

There’s Good News!

We spent three decades working first with our own family and then with many other families to develop a proven way to make you an amazing parent!

You can do this! We will show you how!

Through Basecamp, you’ll experience:

Improved Relationships

Less conflict with your kids

Less whining and complaining

Unity in parenting with your spouse

Better listening skills

More confidence in your parenting

More respect from your kids

More positivity, less negativity

What current Basecamp parents are saying…

Here’s what you will get…

Guided Monthly Experience

Each month we will focus on a specific concept you need to become the parent God created you to be through short videos, helpful challenges, and inspirations. You will be amazed at how quickly you can learn and apply these key concepts immediately in your home.

Weekly emails

Within our monthly theme, we send you a simple weekly email you can process in 30 minutes or less that has all the info and application you need for the week. With our short videos and accompanying PDF’s, you will be able to learn what you need quickly and easily. Give us 30 minutes or less per week and we will transform your parenting and your family!

Private Online Community & Unlimited Questions

Got an issue in your home? We are here for you! You’ll get direct access to Don and Suzanne through a private Facebook group and you’ll be able to ask any questions there. You can also email us with questions or send us audio or video so we can see and hear you! We will respond quickly with powerful encouragement and advice. You’ll also have access to all the other members of Basecamp to ask questions and encourage each other in the community.

Parenting Resources

We have an ever-expanding library of resources all centered around our Crazy Cool Family concepts. Our library includes:

  • Crazy Cool Family Courses – these courses would cost hundreds of dollars if purchased separately but are included with your membership!
  • Outside Resources – we have links to all kinds of resources to help you in your parenting journey!
  • Facebook Group – we encourage every Basecamp parent to join our Facebook group to interact with each other!
  • Specific Answers – we have a library of videos of commonly asked questions by parents so you can search for the answers you need!

Interactive Environment

  • Teaching you through interactive texts/emails to “drip” into you our Crazy Cool Family teachings
  • Giving you access to our content so you can also learn at your own pace
  • Providing a community to encourage you with other parents having success and learning from their mistakes
  • Listening to your specific issues by giving you many ways to ask questions and communicate with our team

Meet Don & Suzanne Manning

We have seven children—four daughters, three sons—ages 14 to 31, who love Jesus, love us, and love each other. We have found freedom in our parenting and enjoy amazing relationships with our children.

We LOVE FAMILY. Honestly, it’s the best thing we have ever done!

But it wasn’t always this way.

We had several small children, lots of stress, and not a lot of answers. We didn’t just want to be good parents. We wanted to be GREAT parents!

At first, we just wanted our kids to obey us and to stop the never-ending chaos.

But as they got older, we wanted to have great relationships with them, and we wanted our kids to be healthy, confident, mature, and fun!

Yet how were we going to do that when we were tired, guilty for yelling at them, and struggling in our marriage? And we realized…time was slipping away, and we only got once chance to do this family thing right.