The foundation of family is relationships.  When they asked Jesus in Matthew 22 what was most important, he said,

“Love the Lord your God your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.  And the second is like it.  Love your neighbor as yourself.”

In other words, relationships.  Love God, love others.

What are the relationships in a family?   

  • Marriage – how do we create a marriage full of life and hope?
  • Parent to Kid  – with the best intentions, most parents we know are pushing their kids away when they so desire a strong relationship with them.  How do we help our kids be their best and keep the relationship?
  • Kid to Jesus – what kind of Jesus does your kid see from you?  Let us show you how to create the real Jesus who is ALIVE!
  • Kid to Kid – it possible for siblings to be best friends their whole lives?  We have done it seven times and can show you how!
  • Parent to God – the best parents are beloved sons and daughters of God first.

We believe that each parent has been hand-picked by God for the family of His choice.  You have everything you need to be the absolute best parent for the children God has placed in your care.  All you need to do is seek God to find out how special your family can be under your God-inspired leadership!

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“The strength of your family will be determined by the strength of its relationships.”