Coronavirus From a Kid’s Perspective

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

We are interested in what kids think about our whole new way of life during this social-distancing, home-learning, coronavirus season we find ourselves in.

It’s been almost a month now. We’d like to ask: Do you know what your children think about all of this? Have you sat down and asked them…we mean, REALLY asked them?

We sent the following list of questions to several Crazy Cool parents and asked them to record their children’s answers. Their responses were FASCINATING!!

Below is an overview of the questions and some of the answers we heard.

  1. What do you think about the coronavirus?
  • Most said it was good because they are getting time at home with their parents.
  • Some said it was bad because they couldn’t do what they wanted, and people were getting sick. I could hear the fear in some kid’s answers that they were afraid they or someone they know would get very sick. It’s a great thing for us parents to pay attention to so we can assure them and pray with them.
  1. Explain what “quarantine” means in your own words.
  • The majority of the kids did not know what quarantine meant. Several said, “I don’t know” and were embarrassed because they didn’t know. It’s a word that has been added to their life, that they hear all the time but don’t know the meaning.
  • Take some time and explain what quarantine is, why we are doing it, and how it is helping slow the transmission of the virus.
  1. What does “social distancing” mean?
  • These answers were hysterical. One little girl said, “You have to stay six feet away from other people’s houses.”
  • Many of the kids answered, “Stay six feet away from other people.”
  1. What do you like and not like about home learning?
  • Kids liked the time at home, the freedom of the schedule, to go outside and play in between subjects, and having so many snacks.
  • They did not like all the work. Their perspective is it should be as much work as when it’s just homework, but it’s a lot more.
  1. Share your favorite memories made so far.
  • Going on walks with the family was the favorite memory of almost all the kids. Or family games and movie nights. The favorite memory of every one of them had something to do with time as a family.
  • This is such a hard time of rearrange our norms and routines, but in the middle of all the upheaval we are building our children’s childhood…one memory at a time
  1. What’s one thing your parents are doing that you really like?
  • They answered: Dad playing during the workday, having all the meals together, doing fun things, and that having mom as a teacher is easier than the schoolteacher.

Take some time and ask your kids these questions and more. Discover what they think about this time in their lives.

Remember they are hearing and seeing so much. For young children, their little minds are not mature enough to know how to deal with it, so they file it away as unknown. And the enemy can use the unknown to build fear.

Make sure you tell them how much you are enjoying this time with them. Tell them what you like and don’t like about this time, too. Relationship is a two-way street. When you both share, your relationship lines are strengthened.

Our kids are like a white board, and we get to write on it what we want…so what is being written on their whiteboard about this time in history?

Go be crazy!

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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