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Our video courses are simple, yet profound concepts that will give you freedom in parenting and bring your family closer together while creating peace in your home.

Relational Discipline

The most common question we get asked about parents and their kids is discipline.

“How do I get my kid to do the right thing without being a jerk to them?”

We have an answer for you!

What if discipline in your home brought you closer together rather than drove you apart?

Over 30 years and seven kids and working with hundreds of other families, we have developed a way of discipline in the home we call Relational Discipline. This 9 video course is a way of life course that will teach you how to move from yelling to encouraging and from constant parent control to kid self-control.

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Siblings as Best Friends

Don’t you just hate it when your kids fight?

We did too and we had seven kids of all ages. These conflicting relationships were exhausting!

Many years ago we were at a seminar and the speaker said something very profound. He said our kids should be best friends for life and that God desired unity in our home (Psalm 133:1).

Wow! Really? Was that even possible?

Over the next two decades, we found out it is entirely possible. Our seven kids are now truly best friends! How did we do it? Well, it’s not easy but there are some simple concepts we teach you in our Siblings as Best Friends course.

This six video course will teach you everything you need to know to put you on the road to eliminating fights between your kids and putting them on the road to being best friends!

Available immediately upon purchase.  7 day money back guarantee.


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