Family relationships grow in life-giving culture.  We create a culture in our home where relationships can flourish.  In our many years of building and teaching family culture, we have honed it down to four pillars:   

  • Encouragement – we encourage extravagantly and criticize carefully.  We literally put courage into our children when we become encouraging parents instead of critical ones.
  • Safe – As we create a safe environment where everyone is listened to and shares freely, we get to wash the world off each other so that we can go out in the world refreshed and ready.
  • Discipline – we help our kids hear God and obey as we create in them pathways of self-control.
  • Unity– God made us all so different in our family yet He calls us to unity.  How do we bring the God-ordained differences in our family together for our good and His good?

In any organization, leadership creates culture.  In a family, parents work together to create a culture where our kids can thrive!

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“Is your home a place you run to or escape from?”