God is our most important relationship.

Do you agree?  As we have talked with hundreds of families over the years, we find that most parents agree with this statement but the busyness of life and misdirected priorities make God a distant player in our lives.

What are some keys to putting God into the right place in our lives?  As we have walked with Jesus over the last few decades, we decided to share four keys about our relationship with God that are key to having Him direct our lives and our family:

  • Identity – Guess what?  God is crazy about you!  When we trust in Christ, God adopts as His son forever!
  • Connection – Can we actually talk to God and hear His voice?  Yes!
  • Healing – Over the years our hearts have been damaged by the blows of life.  What if God could heal our hearts and let us live with freedom?  He can!
  • Purpose – As we connect with God, He will give us the courage and direction to bring life and hope to our lives and our family!

Almost every parent we see loves their children dearly yet so many of them feel like they are failing as parents.   Why?  Almost always the disconnect is the connection with God.  He will show you how to be a mighty man and woman of God which will move you into great parenting as well!

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God is our most important relationship

Psalm 14:2: The Lord looks down from heaven on mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.