So, you’re thinking about homeschooling your children! Wahoo! We homeschooled our seven children for a couple decades of our life and we have the most wonderful memories! We hope this guide encourages you in this new season!

In the Homeschool Guide, we cover the following:


– Change the Narrative From Having to Homeschool to Getting to Homeschool

– How to Homeschool Multiple Children

– Incorporating Technology

– Tips on How to Find the Best Curriculum for Your Kids

– Co-Ops

– Creating a Homeschool Environment So It Doesn’t Take Over Your House

– Organizing Tips

– Setting Goals

– How to Discipline and Have Grace for Your Kids

– Giving Yourself Grace as a Mom

– Ideas to Give Kids Socializing Opportunities

– Homeschool Must-Do’s

– Transitioning From Public or Private School to Homeschool

– Why Homeschooling Is So Valuable