How to Keep Your Kid From Being a Brat

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Today’s episode is all about how to keep your kid from becoming a brat. We believe this is something every parent will question at some point in their parenting journey.

We discuss two things to keep in mind when correcting your child.

  • Pick Your Spots
  • And Know Your Child

Does it feel like you’re always correcting your kid? Are you ever concerned your kid will grow up to be a brat? How do you correct your kids and still maintain a great relationship?

Sometimes we’re the reason for our kids throwing a fit. We either lead by example in throwing our own fits. Or we are too controlling.

Crazy Cool Topics

  • Determine the difference between childishness and foolishness.
  • When you choose not to correct everything, it gives value and weight when actual correction is needed.
  • Have a plan for what you are going to do when correction is needed.
  • Lying tears relationships up. Truth builds trust.
  • When our kids are obedient to us, they are practicing obedience to an unseen God.
  • We list some example spots that do and don’t need correcting.
  • Build relationships by inviting them into the thought processes behind why they should do and not do things.
  • Correction can be minimized when you know your child.
  • What are your child’s strengths and weaknesses? Maybe they’re tender-hearted, teachable, or playful. Learn how to use their strengths in your correction.
  • Ideas on what do you do with specific weaknesses, such as being disrespectful, manipulative, or sneaky.
  • How to correct their weakness and build your relationship with them.
  • Do not let your child get what they want when they manipulate.
  • Call disrespect what it is…rude.
  • Correct them on the things that really matter. Bring it into the light.

So much of how we correct our children is about us! We need to stand up for what we believe in for our family. Take the time to pay attention to what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. When you do, you’re going to build relationships with them and make the connection you have with each other that much stronger!

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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