Interview With a Crazy Cool Family • The Schreiners

It’s gettin’ crazy fun around here! We had our first interview on the Crazy Cool Family podcast! (Well, first with someone OTHER than a member of our family.) Meet Dave and Ally Schreiner. They have four children—ages seven years to two months.

Dave and Ally have a passion for family. We first met the Schreiners when they attended our parenting classes at church about five years ago. Their oldest was only two at the time. Dave and Ally have served in the youth group at our church, and some of our children have gotten to know them very well.

Get ready to laugh! The Schreiners have lots of fun in their family, and they share with us what they’ve been learning and implementing in their parenting journey.

Most parents put their little ones to bed and unwind with Netflix or scrolling through social media. Not Dave and Ally. They love being active with their kids, and at the end of the day enjoy sitting on the couch, reflecting on the experiences they had and celebrating the wins. Dave believes it’s important to be positive and find the “wins” in parenting.

Life with four kids can be chaotic at times, but they say they feel peaceful in the midst of it.

Here are a few of the lessons they say they’ve learned from Crazy Cool Family:

Be intentional. They consistently tell each child, “Other than Mom and Dad, you are the one who will have the biggest impact on your younger sibling.” Dave travels at times for his job. Before he leaves, he prepares the two oldest kids by communicating how to help their mom while he’s away. They’re teaching their kids to take responsibility and to help each other.

Speak identity into them. A story of Dave and his son is in our book! It’s the story of the dad who started telling his son, “You have what it takes.” Do you remember that one?

The goal of parenting is freedom, not control. You don’t get to control your kids, but you do get to shape them. We want our kids to find freedom in obedience—first in obeying parents, and as they grow older, in obeying God.

Add freedom through structure. The mornings getting ready for school were chaotic. Dave and Ally realized they were sending their kids out the door with constant nagging about getting ready. After watching the Relational Discipline video, God used a concept they learned to try something new and creative. And it worked! Their mornings are much more peaceful, and their kids are learning independence at the same time.

What can you do to inspire your kids instead of nagging, reminding, and telling them what to do? Train them in independence with healthy boundaries.

The Schreiners agree—Family is worth it!

Family doesn’t have to be exhausting. It can be fun and encouraging. You can do this! Parents, you really do have what it takes!

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