Overcoming Anger and Enjoying Parenting – Featuring Matt and Amanda Nelson

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Have you ever asked your children what THEY think of you?

Give it a try! Their answer might just surprise you…and strengthen your family relationship in the process!

That’s what happened to Matt and Amanda Nelson, parents of four children ages eight to one!

Matt and Amanda have been married for 12 years. They’ve been following Crazy Cool Family for several years and have been members of Basecamp since our founding member launch in May!

Matt was challenged to ask his children if they thought he was angry or raised his voice much, and boy, was he surprised!

He was made aware of how his children perceived him, even though it was not considered a major issue for him!

But the best part about this?! He and Amanda have changed how they communicate with their children, and they are seeing the relationships flourish in their family.

Check out our interview with them on this week’s podcast.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • How anger issues didn’t hit home until they started listening to the teachings of Basecamp within Crazy Cool Family.
  • How this new knowledge challenged them to change their tone of voice and bring about creativity when they communicated.
  • Responding, not just reacting.
  • Learning to stop, take some deep breaths, and pray. Take a break, if needed, before talking about an issue together with their children.
  • How you may not know when it happens, but it’s the little wins over time when you’ll see the difference.
  • That we don’t have to be perfect! God wants us to humble ourselves and learn to ask forgiveness.
  • The importance of talking about emotions and offering help for those emotions to gain self-control.
  • Family can be FUN! It doesn’t have to be about control, anger, or drudgery.
  • Learning the value of relationships.
  • The importance of the power we all have to change the culture in our home.
  • How to create best friend memories all the time.

As Basecamp members, Matt and Amanda have been receiving our parenting videos. They are easy to watch, and they enjoy the short text reminders of a verse or word of encouragement.

Amanda enjoys the ability to ask questions in the Facebook group. She described how she used to feel like no one understood the issues they were having with their children.

You never know that other people may be going through the exact same thing as you! And our Facebook group is a safe place to discuss those difficult parenting topics.

Parents, you can do this!! You have so much influence over your home, and it’s such a worthy pursuit! It will make parenting more enjoyable and less stressful!

If you’re interested in joining Basecamp when we launch in a few weeks, be sure to sign up for the waitlist here to be notified — https://crazycoolfamily.com/basecamp/

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

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