Time to Read: 2 minutes

In our book Crazy Cool Family, our first Commitment is to Pursue God. We will only be as good a father or mother as we are a son or daughter of the King.  In each of our two chapters on pursuing God, we mention the importance of hearing God’s voice.  Hearing and following God’s voice in our lives is so important!

But it’s not just hearing. We need to hear from God and then act on it!

Our pastor told us in a message a while back that we don’t get more revelation from God until we do something with the revelation that we already have.  There is no doubt that God is speaking to us and that we can hear His voice. In John 10, Jesus talks about how He is the “good shepherd” and that “his sheep follow him because they know his voice.” (verse 4).  The question is not whether God speaks. The question is whether we hear him and are willing to follow him.

He compared it to a football team that gets a play in from the coach.  Now picture this.  The team breaks the huddle line up to run the play. The quarterback is under center, the line and receivers are set, the crowd is roaring, the defense is shifting, and right before the play begins, they stop everything and look to the coach to get the next play.  

The coach says, “No! This is not the time to get the next play! Run the play I have already given you first and then we will call the next play! I can’t show you the next play if you don’t run this one!”

What is God telling you?  Are you listening? Are you really willing to follow?  If so, go back to the last revelation God gave you and run the play.  If you don’t know the play, go back and ask God. He will let you know.  

Just run the play until God puts another play in and watch how the Lord starts to move in your life. One play at a time creates a drive for a touchdown!