Time to Read: 2 minutes

When I was a young parent, I thought it was inevitable that my kids would become rebellious and distant as they moved into their teenage years.  I did it.  My friends did it.  My brother and sister did it. That’s just what teenagers do.  Right?  Teenage rebellion in various forms is just part of growing up.

But several years ago someone flipped my thinking like I am now going to try to flip yours.  Teenage rebellion is NOT inevitable.

You will find with Suzanne and me certain key statements we want you to believe for your kids and for your family.  Statements like “Siblings should be best friends” and “If you listen to them when they are five, they will talk to you when they are fifteen.”  Statements we want you to believe deeply so that you can fight for them in your family.

“Teenage rebellion is NOT inevitable” is definitely one of these statements.  It is something we need to believe and fight for in our family.

The enemy wants us to believe that we are “powerless” against teenage rebellion. Not true!  Yes, there is a powerful Enemy that wants nothing better than to steal, kill, and destroy our children (John 10:10) but this battle can be won!  Winning means that our children love the Lord their entire lives, including those “awful” teenage years. 

How do we make it happen?  We talk a lot about that in our book Crazy Cool Family. Too much info to go into in a short blog but we have an entire chapter on leading your kids to Jesus.  Throughout the book we also go into all kinds of advice on how to create a culture in your home to help show your children the love of Jesus.  We get the first and best chance to lead our kids to their own faith.

Is it guaranteed?  No.  But changing our belief system to believe our kids will love Jesus will change the dynamics of our family.  Suzanne says, “Of course, my children are going to love Jesus!  Why wouldn’t they?  He loves us, wants the best for us, and it’s the absolute best way to live our lives!”

If we want our family to be different, we have to start with believing different.  Stop believing you and God are going to lose your teenagers to the world. Teenage rebellion is not inevitable.