Time to Read: 1 minute

Do you ever feel like family relationships are a battle?  If you are going into battle, there is a good chance you are going to get wounded.  At the very least you are going to be tired but chances are at the end of the day you are going to be both tired and wounded.

What do I mean by a battle?  I mean, it’s hard sometimes.  Hard to say the right words and not the wrong words.  Hard to serve instead of get my way.  Hard to take the blows that come from the words of my children. 

So often I see parents — particularly us men who are usually not quite as good in the relationship battlefield — get wounded in their marriage or with their kids and so they tuck their tails and go sit on the sidelines.  All of a sudden hobbies become much more enticing. We look for excuses to not go after the important people in our lives. We find convenient ways to sit out the battle on the sidelines of life.

Parents who what a Crazy Cool Family do not get to sit on the sidelines with our immediate family relationships.  We pursue knowing there is a good chance we will be wounded.

What?  Why would I do that?

Two reasons:  1) the pursuit of the most important people in our lives will pay great dividends over the course of our lives and their lives and 2) we have an awesome, big God who can heal those wounds if we will take them to Him.  

Sounds crazy I know. But I’m not going to sit on the sidelines.  I want to be in the battle. How about you?