Time to Read: 1 minute

Let your kids make dinner. Help them plan the menu(something they can make that is age appropriate). Have the ingredients stocked. Leave the kitchen and let them be the chef. (Be prepared that it might not be too amazing…they are just little kids- you can have a snack after they go to bed.)

The most important part is to ohhh and ahhh over how independent, helpful, delicious the whole dinner is. Go overboard with gratefulness about their feast.

Kingdom Connection: In the Old Testament the people had 7 different feasts throughout the year to set aside time to honor God. They are all very fascinating (Look in Exodus & Leviticus if you want more info). Use the food your children prepared as a feast of celebration. Talk about all the great things God is doing in each of your lives.

Moses answered, “We’ll go with our young people and old people. We’ll go with our sons and daughters. We’ll take our flocks and herds. We are supposed to hold a feast to honor the Lord.” Exodus 10:9