Time to Read: 1 minute

Set aside special time to spend with one of your kids. Let them pick where they want to go and what they want to do. The goals for you are to get to know your kid and show them what a fun person you are. So no correcting! Laugh, tell jokes, sing-along in the car. Go back to your childhood and remember what was fun to you as a kid.

Best tools to use are questions, lots of laughter and a special treat(ice cream, candy, toy, book, new clothes).

Kingdom Connection: When we delight(have a high degree of pleasure) in our children we show them how their Heavenly Father feels about them too. The good memories we make with our children are stones laid down on a path to their own relationship with God. Right now they see us as God- we are the closest relationship they have with anyone- including God.  Our delight in our children points them to Jesus.

He took me to a safe place. Because he delights in me, he saved me. Psalm 18:19