What Type of School Is Best for My Child?

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We often get asked by parents about how they should educate their children. They ask, “What’s the best way?”

In this week’s episode of the Crazy Cool Family podcast, we discuss the pros and cons of the four major types of schooling:

  1. Public school
  2. Charter school
  3. Private school
  4. Homeschool

We’ve done them all! And there are amazing benefits to all of them!

When you homeschool, you know a lot about where your child is and who their friends are. The nature of homeschooling allows your kid to be home a lot.

If you choose to enroll them in a private school, you usually have them in a smaller school where you know more about the teachers, the other parents, and the leadership. Your kid is outside your reach a little more, so you need to be more involved.

In public school, the school is often larger and more from your community are there. Now it is time to be really involved. Not helicopter-parenting but being aware of where your kid is going and who they are going with.

Crazy Cool Quotes

  • Take it one year at a time. Don’t look at the next two or ten years.
  • Every year, reevaluate, and ask God where He wants you to be.
  • Be grateful that there are so many options for your family these days.
  • There is no right answer to this question. It depends on your interests, your personalities, your kids’ personalities, your financial situation, etc.
  • Where are your kids best going to thrive and succeed?
  • The key here is for both parents to pray – and if the kids are older, let them join in the prayer – and hear God’s direction for their family.
  • Go with where God directs you. Don’t feel pressure based on what others around you are doing.
  • You may parent differently depending on where your kids are educated.
  • The school may educate your kids, but you are responsible for training them.
  • Depending on the school, you may need to be more engaged with your child’s environment.
  • If you educate outside of the home, take advantage of the time in the car when you’re dropping them off or picking them up from school to connect with them.

There may be differences in each type of schooling, but one thing stays the same – you must pursue the relationships with your kids.

No matter how you decide to educate your children, it all filters through the relational emphasis that we talk about at Crazy Cool Family. As with everything else we teach, it all comes down to relationship.

There may be differences in each type of schooling, but one thing stays the same – you must pursue the relationships with your kids. Be involved in their lives and connect with their hearts.

Pursue the relationship in whatever system you choose.

We love all forms of schooling! We are so grateful that we have so many options for our children. Don’t feel shame or guilt of whatever option you choose or that you’re not doing enough. Ask God what He wants for you and your family each year, and confidently follow His leading.

If you have any questions about schooling or about our experience with schooling, email us at [email protected]. We are praying for you and want to encourage you to be confident in the choice you’ve made for your family.

Go be crazy!

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

If you have a question or a parenting issue that you’d like us to discuss in a future podcast, email us at [email protected].

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