Why You Need a Guide and Community

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one struggling with a particular situation with your child? Does it feel like you’re alone in your parenting issues?

It’s easy to feel that way when we we’re in the middle of a problem with our child or there’s a break in the relationship. And the pictures we see on social media from other parents only confirm those limiting beliefs.

The truth is…you’re not alone. As parents, we need community and we need a guide. But choosing who to listen to out of all the parenting advice available can cause us to want to cover our ears, ignore the issues, and zone out in front of Netflix.

That’s why you need Basecamp, our new membership community we’re launching on May 1.

If you’ve been with Crazy Cool Family for a while, you know we teach Three Commitments, Four Culture Foundations, Five Types of Relationships, and Seven Inspirations.

We take some lofty concepts and break them down into bite-sized, practical teachings for you to learn and practice over time.

You don’t learn to parent overnight. Think of it like learning a sport. To learn to play basketball, for example, you have to learn to dribble, to shoot, to pass, to play defense, etc.

Parenting is no different. It happens over time. And we’re here to help! Our desire it to drip our content to you in an organized way that fits your lifestyle.

Here’s how we’ve designed Basecamp so you get the most out of your membership experience.

  • Guided Monthly Learning Experience – Each month, you’ll receive a guided learning experience about a concept to make your family Crazy Cool. One month we may focus on how to become an encouraging parent, how to discipline, or how to lead your kids to Jesus, etc. Each week, you’ll receive a short video over text message, as well as a challenge and an inspirational text. As you stay with Basecamp, you will learn everything you need to be a Crazy Cool parent. And you learn it over time so it sticks with you and brings about real change.
  • Total Content Access Anytime – If you’re the type of person who prefers to learn at your own pace, you have full access to our ever-growing library of content. You will have access to all our courses, podcasts, and even a growing Crazy Cool Family-approved list of outside resources we are building as well. And it’s all available to you anytime in Basecamp. The Library is a searchable database, so if you are having specific issues with your child, you can search the Library for help with that issue.
  • Interact with Us – You may have specific questions you need answered about something going on with your kids, your spouse, or even yourself. We have lots of questions already answered in our Library. If you can’t find it there, we have a place in Basecamp for you to confidentially submit your specific parenting questions. We will respond to your question and add our answer to our ever-growing Library so it can help other parents in the future.
  • Build Community – We will have an engaging Facebook group for all Basecamp parents. We will be in the group as well, and we can be inspired together. You can ask questions and see what other parents are doing and having success with. We plan to do Live Q&A sessions in the group as well.

What we’re doing to build community will help everyone in their parenting journey.

Parenting is not impossible, but it can be difficult. And it’s the most rewarding thing you will do on this earth. As you connect with your kids, as you follow Jesus, and as your kids see you follow Jesus, family becomes so much easier when all the relationships are strong.

Go to www.crazycoolfamily.com/basecamp to sign up! We can’t wait to see you there!

Go be crazy!

How To Connect With Your Spouse During The Holidays

If you have a question or a parenting issue that you’d like us to discuss in a future podcast, email us at [email protected].

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