About Us

Who are Don and Suzanne Manning and why should I listen to them about family?

That is a great question! If you would have told us on our wedding day in 1991 we would have seven kids (yes, seven!)  — that love Jesus, love us as their parents, and love each other deeply —  we would have said you were crazy!

But, it’s all true!

We are Don and Suzanne Manning. Don is the CFO of a real estate company and serves on the elder board of Valley Creek Church, a church he and Suzanne helped start over 25 years ago.  Suzanne has invested her time as a teacher, wife, mom, homemaker, mentor, girl’s minister, speaker, writer, and most importantly an encourager to everyone she meets.

From the start of this parenting journey, we decided that we were going to learn as much as we could about family and about God. We read books, went to parenting and marriage conferences, and made friends with families who were further down the road than us. We were like sponges absorbing everything we could to understand the family relationships God had given us.

As our kids got older, we started getting the same questions we had asked the families before us. They would say, “How have you raised such great kids?  They are mature and they are different! They have such an authentic love for Jesus and each other.”

We began to ponder those questions and we felt God wanted us to write down what He had taught us over the years. Other than salvation, our Crazy Cool Family is the greatest gift God has ever given us, and we believe that it’s a gift that everyone can have!

Over time, God has given us opportunities to share with other families from dinners to conferences. As we shared with others, we found our message of Rethinking the Way We Do Family was filling parents with belief instead of fear and making family fun again.

All of this, plus much more, led us to write Crazy Cool Family. Our book is an overview of what God has taught us in the last three decades of family and a guide for how you can build your own Crazy Cool Family.

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Fun Facts

  • Seven children – four girls then three boys

  • Two weddings down and five to go!

  • Three college graduates and four to go!

  • One grandchild born and one on the way

  • Over 140 teeth lost

  • Over 3,200 sporting events… and counting

  • Over 50 overseas mission trips… and counting

  • Over 44,000 diapers purchased… no more counting!

  • Over 40 pets (cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, turtles, birds, chickens)… still counting?

  • Nine people that love Jesus and love each other!