Six Words… Three Commitments… One Crazy Cool family

Want home to be your favorite place in the world? Want to see siblings get along like best friends? Want to send your kid off to college with hope instead of fear? At Crazy Cool Family, we can help you answer all of those questions with a resounding “YES!”

We have one simple mission: To show parents how to create amazing families by building their lives around Jesus and helping their kids to do the same. In Matthew 22, Jesus tells us that what is most important in life is our relationship with God and our relationships with one another. We believe that families are our most important relationships and their strength will determine the strength of your family. You will Rethink the Way You Do Family when you see God’s incredible relational design for your families.

God wants a Crazy Cool Family for you and we want to help you get there!







Justin and Dorise Nall

Don and Suzanne have had a more powerful impact to our own parenting of four kids than anyone else in our lives and I’m so grateful they are sharing their wisdom, knowledge, & experience with others through this book.

Chad Hennings, Super Bowl Champion

The Mannings are the real deal. As a parent, I have watched over the years how they have raised their children to be disciple makers in the Kingdom. They are inspiration to many. I recommend this book for any parent that wants to raise godly children.

Rob and Lindsey Shields

“Crazy Cool Family” is a hope filled journey of the heart in parenting and creating a Godly family culture. I have the great privilege to have a front row seat into the lives of the Manning family and I can tell you this book is not written from a theoretical perspective. It comes from years of experience with trial and error as Don and Suzanne have been great learners of extracting God’s wisdom, grace and values on family and intentionally implement them day by day. Their stories and experiences resonate with the heart and will inspire us all to stay the course one step at a time with the help and guidance of Jesus to trust that we can become the “Crazy Cool Family” we all desire.

Donald Driver, Super Bowl Champion and New York Times Best Selling Author

The Manning’s are truly one of the most innovative, God-focused families.  They are God’s children and they really do make us Rethink the Way We Do Family.

David and Ally Schriener

As parents of little ones we are encouraged to hear in Crazy Cool Family that it’s never too early to start teaching our children how to hear God’s voice and make true heart connections; that we have the opportunity to truly “Believe that they are amazing, communicate it all the time, and then watch it happen right before our eyes!”

Steve Dulin, Elder and Associate Pastor, Gateway Church

There is no greater joy than seeing your family love Jesus and love each other deeply.  This book is a real-life guide to making that happen for your family.


Justin and Laura Milum

The Manning’s approach to parenting is different from anything we have heard. We love they teach parenting is more about a relationship than just managing behavior. Having three small kids we want to create a family that our kids love to be apart of! This book helps parents create a loving culture that kids thrive in.

Josh and Rachel Wintermute

Don and Suzanne have put together an incredible resource to see families thrive in today’s society. This book will encourage you and give practical steps to lead your kids to become all God has called them to be while leading you to be the parents God has called you to be as well.

Jeff Haley, Elder, The Village Church, Flower Mound, TX

Don and Suzanne have written a clever, insightful, transparent, funny and altogether practical book on family, but more than that, they have written a book that honors and glorifies the God of the Bible and His intent for our joy in relationship to Him and to our families and beyond.
I have known this family for over 25 years. Their deep insight and wisdom has been hard earned and is a personal revelation of how the Gospel has the power to redeem every area of our lives.
Reading this book will make you laugh, encourage you, challenge you, teach you and most importantly, give you hope as it points you to the source of all hope – Jesus Christ. I could not recommend it more.

Matt Nelson

This is not a how to guide…. It’s more the follow me as I follow after Jesus approach. I am uniquely qualified right now to be the best parent to my kids. This book pushes me to my Father’s heart so I can be the best father that I can be. I love the writing style, the perspective and will refer back to this book because I can see they model what they say.

Justin and Angie Seedorf

One of the greatest blessings, yet biggest challenges in life is raising children.  Not just keeping them alive until they are out of your house, but raising them to understand and live in the truth of who God has created each one to be.  It’s a challenging task to say the least. Fortunately, my wife and I have been blessed enough to watch and learn a bit from a couple of pros on the matter.  
      Don and Suzanne Manning have demonstrated for us, and many of our peers, what it looks like to raise children in a way in which they learn to walk in their God-given identities and purposes.  For over thirteen years we have witnessed what incredible parents they are to their seven children, but as they say, “The proof is in the pudding.” And let me tell you, the Manning pudding is rich.  The true testament to Don and Suzanne’s parenting practices is the character and wisdom that each of their seven children possess. Their children are the type of people you want your own children to be influenced by.  Our family is deeply blessed to have several of the Manning “kids”, now young adults, as a part of our lives. They are solid role models for my children and a huge contribution to our society. They speak life over people and situations, they bring peace into chaos, they bring joy into the mundane, they battle fear with the truth and confidence they have in God and His deep love for them, and they are just plain FUN people!  
         My wife and I are incredibly grateful for the investment of time and wisdom Don and Susan have poured into us over the years.  We know that our marriage and the relationships we share with our children have been greatly enhanced by the advice we’ve received and implemented from this awesome couple.  Thank you, Don and Suzanne!

Kim Linebarger

This is a well-written book filled with useful advice on how to create a loving culture within a family. Don and Suzanne do a great job of helping us understand their approach by providing real-life examples of things that worked and didn’t work! But I think that the best part is the perspective of the kids throughout the book—because it validates that what the author says really works!

Ben Moreno

Don and Suzanne Manning have shaped much of how we approach parenting. They have shared their lives with us and our family continues to benefit from their wisdom and influence.
Reading this book will be like inviting in the wisest mentors sit down and walk you through life’s most challenging yet rewarding season of life. Their wisdom will guide you to build the family relationships you’ve always hoped for.